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Prita -Diversity Assembly 2


Today we learnt about Prita.  Her parents were born in India and the family now live in London.    Prita lives on the edge of Epping Forest.  She loves playing in the woods and climbing the trees.  She has a squirrel who visits her garden each morning, who she has named Chestnut.   She also likes cooking, riding on buses and winding her sisters up!  The children thought this was very funny!

SMSC Logo Competition

Thank you to all the children who entered this competition.  It was clear to see that you had really thought about the different areas of learning and what they mean to you.  There was some really creative ideas.  It was very difficult to choose the winning designs as they need to be suitable to be made into a digital image.  Our winners were: Esmae, Paige and Masie.  Their work is displayed here.  You will notice that there is not a Cultural design yet.  We are going to use different children's ideas and create a logo.

Cultural Food Day

Cultural Food Day

As a way to launch our new Diversity Curriculum in a way all of our children would appreciate, we decided to have a 'Food Day'. Each classroom explored a cuisine that you would find in the United Kingdom. The four cultural foods that were sampled were from: Bangladesh, Italy, China and Stoke-on-Trent. This was a fantastic way to introduce our new curriculum as the children could appreciate the diversity within the United Kingdom.

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