English - Spelling

From Early Years to Year 1, we follow the Rocket Phonics sequence. More information regarding this can be found here.

Spelling Shed

As part of our Curriculum recovery plans, we have thoroughly analysed gaps in children’s knowledge and skills. Whilst children’s writing stamina across the school has developed considerably, it is evident that as a school we need to refocus upon spelling and in particular the acquisition of spelling rules and exceptions. Furthermore, we want children to apply their spelling knowledge across the curriculum. Consequently, we are investing in fresh resources.

This term we are introducing a new spelling scheme and home learning approach. We recognise that spelling can often be an area of the English curriculum that children can struggle with. We also acknowledge that home learning in terms of spelling can be tedious and not always a task that the children are excited to complete! Often children learn spellings for a weekly test, yet do not embed these words into their long-term memory. We hope that Spelling Shed will not only improve spelling attainment but also help to generate some excitement. Educational research and indeed our own experiences here in school, demonstrate that children’s engagement increases significantly through using online and highly visual resources This online format allows for us to monitor progress and set tasks according to gaps that may arise. It is responsive to the children’s learning.

Each week, your child’s class teacher will set an assignment that takes the form of an interactive game. The game gives four different degrees of support in the form of difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. As the children complete their assignments and move through the different levels, they will accrue points. The scores achieved give a league position and each class has its own league position within a school league and a world league. Spelling Shed also allows for collaborative learning at home with other children in the class by setting up their own “Hive” games.  

A guide on how to access Spelling Shed can be found here.


For a copy of our Spelling progression from Year 2 - 6, click here.

Pupil Voice

"Before Spelling Shed it was quite boring as we mostly did ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ practise at home" – Ellenor

"We have lots more fun games to do in class like Battleships. I know it is more important now as we are spending more time practising in a range of ways," Charlie

"I feel more prepared for my spelling test now. I don’t worry about it" – Max