Writing for Pleasure

lo writing for pl2.png

This term we are introducing the concept of ‘Writing for Pleasure’. At The Meadows, we put a great deal of emphasis on giving the children a range of stimuli to encourage their imagination and to inform their writing. Each week our lessons build on key elements of writing (VCOP) so that the children can apply these in their weekly Big Write. The children respond well to this structure and across the school have a strong writing stamina. However, we also feel it is now time to develop the idea of the children writing about topics they have a personal interest in and receive recognition for such things.

Every term, the children will be given the opportunity to write for pleasure without success criterias. We are aware that some children may well struggle with the free-form element of this session and so we have included a prompt to support (especially for the children in KS1). For the Autumn Term, the prompt is the text ‘Coming Home’. You can find a reading of the text as well as the Waitrose advert by clicking this link. However, the prompt is entirely optional for the children in KS2. Work will be displayed in the following section.