Parent Surveys 2020

To download a copy of our recent Parent Survey, click this link.

General Comments

“My child loves learning and feels valued within the community”.
“Great small friendly school, all the staff and pupils know each other. Lovely atmosphere”.
“Staff in the school are approachable for children to share concerns”.
“Each member of staff is very caring and good at sorting out things without hesitation”.
“Very caring staff- always with a smile”.
“Child led approach by all staff”.
“Very calm atmosphere with caring staff”.
“Great teachers, all approachable. All looking to provide the best for the children”.
“Staff display excellent communication skills to parents and pupils”.
“The best decision I ever made was to transfer schools. I have had great support in place for my
children and as a parent”.
“The Meadows behaviour policy is outstanding, all children are impeccably behaved and there’s zero
tolerance on bullying with a fab reward and consequence system in place”.
“The website and Newsletters are very informative”.
“Excellent workshops and parents’ meetings”.
“It is noticed how the staff have stayed at the school for many years. They must be happy”.
“Mrs Procter is a great headteacher and thinks so much of all the pupils”.
“Clear decisions and staff give out the same information”.
“I am very proud to be part of The Meadows community”.