Our Mission and Aims

Our School Motto:

'Learning by Caring and Sharing'

Our Mission

For all of our pupils to be successful: personally and academically.


Our Aims

The aim of our provision is to foster a life-long love of learning. We help our children to develop this passion through the following aims:


These aims are our curriculum drivers that shape our curriculum, bring about the mission and values of our school, and to respond to the particular needs of our community. They are designed to ensure that our children are personally successful, independent and reflective thinkers, ready for their journey of lifelong learning. Life is not a straight line; therefore we want our pupils to be prepared to overcome their challenges and embrace new opportunities.


Our Values

At The Meadows, we want our pupils to lead successful and fulfilling lives.  To help them flourish, we have identified the core qualities we actively develop in children and model during their time with us: these are known to our school community as our ‘Secrets of Success’.

A successful learner at The Meadows displays the following qualities:


The qualities above are at the core of our ethos and culture. They underpin our teaching and learning and are promoted in our learning environment. We want our children to know that success is a choice; it is brought about through hard work, dedication, reflection, and resilience. We ensure that our children know that school is a safe place to make mistakes – that mistakes are an essential part of the learning experience.


Our Vision for The Meadows

For our school:

  • A family ethos that creates a sense of belonging, a pride in our community and compassion for everyone in our school family.
  • A positive culture promoting, ‘Learning by caring and sharing’. A community that cares about education as well as caring for others around them: they are able to share resources, ideas and their knowledge with enthusiasm.
  • A beacon of academic excellence. 
  • Inspire pupils to be successful; both personally and academically.
  • An innovative, inspiring and inclusive curriculum where all learners become independent and resilient and have the possibility to exceed their potential.
  • A thoughtfully designed, bespoke curriculum, alongside a range of enrichment opportunities, which enables our children to develop and retain a deep understanding of what they have learnt so that they are prepared for the next phase in their learning journey.
  • Stimulating learning environment which promotes ‘Learning by caring and sharing’ metacognition, celebrates success and scaffolds learning.


For our pupils:

  • Enthusiastic pupils with a life-long love of learning.
  • Caring, reflective, tolerant and respectful global citizens of the future.
  • Feel noticed, valued and cared for.
  • Able to positively contribute to our school community.


For our school community:

  • A school which is the heart of the local community.
  • Strong, positive relationships with all stakeholders based on mutual respect and integrity.
  • Make a positive impact on our local community and on our trust family.