Letter Join

With the changes in the curriculum, greater emphasise has now been placed on presentation, the formation of letters and joined handwriting. Where as previously this skill would not have been as important as others, all skills within Writing have equal weighting. This term we have purchased a new handwriting scheme that can also be accessed at home on tablets. This is a great resource for the children to use to practise these skills. Not only can they practise on their tablets, but there is also the option to print out extra resources so they can work on paper. 

One of the biggest change within the policy is the fact that the children are now expected to join their descending letters and to use lead-in lines. An example can be found below:


As you can see from the example, we no longer have break letters when using lowercase. As before, the children do not join capital letters.

A letter has been sent out to all parents on how to access this at home. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact a member of staff.