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Feedback Friday 20/5/22

Hello everyone,

It was lovely to see you all again this morning. The children show such pride when looking at their work with you. It was also lovely that the siblings joined in too. We love to see them each week!

This week the children have enjoyed our Gruffalo story and have produced some lovely writing using their phonics and segmenting to spell. 

Gruffalo 1.jpg

Feedback Friday

It was lovely to see so many parents today at our Feedback Friday session. The children have enjoyed learning about the Three Little Pigs this week. They especially enjoyed hearing the Big Bad Wolf's side of the story! 

Feedback Friday 1.4.22

This week we have enjoyed our story about Brenda's Boring Egg. We have enjoyed retrieving information from the text, learning the meaning of new vocabulary and loved sequencing and retelling he story using masks.


Feedback Friday 25.3.22

What a lovely week it has been. Spring has sprung! We have been making the most of the sunshine this week with lots of outdoor learning.

This week in Reception we have been continuing our Spring learning and have been focusing on new life on the farm with a story called ‘Wake up time on Bumble Farm’. The children have also matched animals and their young, practising cutting skills. We have had some super writing about life on the farm and have been ordering animals by number to find missing numbers.

Feedback Friday

This week in Reception we have been learning to recognise graphemes 'ai' and 'ee'. We have been blending to read words and sentences containing these sounds. We have also practised segmenting to spell words containing these sounds and have written words, captions, and sentences.  Our reading has been lots of fun too and we have been using our reading dogs to read and show understanding of our class text Gran's grin. In maths this week we have been subtracting and represented using ten frames and part whole models.

Feedback Friday

Good afternoon,

We have had a very busy week this week. 


In phonics we have been learning to recognise and write th and ng, reading and writing sentences containing these sounds. We have been using our reading dogs to understand our text - "Hot Dogs". Next week we are moving on to ai and ee and reading the class text Gran's Grin together which you can practise at home on Rising Stars. We have been also learning the tricky words was, you and my.


week commencing 29/11/21


This week we will be learning about Advent and the Nativity story. 

In phonics we will be learning the sounds f and l and practising segmenting to spell and blending to read words with these letters in. 

We will be practising spelling and reading our common exception words, this week focusing on "go".

In maths we will be learning about position and direction.

We are looking forward to our trip to the theatre on Wednesday.

It was lovely to see so many of you on Friday. Thank you for your support.

Children in Need

What a super day we had in our jazzy socks and own clothes. Thank you for your donations. We learned about the Charity, Children in Need and about where our money goes. We showed kindness. 

23536A3B-2EDE-46CD-820A-0218A208979E.jpeg     73486D72-0D7C-4CEB-A2BB-131CB6313CE1.jpeg

A Starry Night

We enjoyed learning about Vincent Van Gough and using his famous painting A Starry Night as inspiration for our own masterpieces

Feedback Friday

What a lovely morning! It was lovely to see so many parents at our first Feedback Friday. The children loved showing off there work and eating cake! Thank you for coming and we look forward to seeing you in future weeks. 


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