A copy of the Spring/Summer timetable can be found here

Spellings: New spellings are given out every Friday. The children are test on Monday and Friday. The first test (Monday) involves the children simply the spelling the word in a list; the second test (Friday) is where the children should spell the words in a sentence to show understanding.

Reading: Daily reading should be recorded in their diary. Each week, the children should also write in two AF comments. A copy of the Reading Trees can be found here.

Mental Maths: Each week the children are given number facts to recall on a Wednesday, which will then be tested on the following Wednesday. Some facts will be repeated to ensure that children keep their skills 'on the boil'. 

Homework: One Mathematics and Literacy based homework is given out per week, consolidating skills learnt during the week. Alternatively. the children are given projects linked to the topic from time to time.