Enquiring Minds

Throughout the school, the use of Edward de Bono's Thinking Hats are central to the children's learning. In every aspect of learning, the Thinking Hats are used to stimulate discussion and to compartmentalise thinking. The children take a very active role in the use of the Thinking Hats and will use the visual prompts around the school to support their learning.

The Thinking Hats

Each of the six hats represent a different element of thinking.

Red (Feelings): How do I feel about this? What do I like about this? What don't I like about this? What are my likes, dislikes, worries and concerns?

Yellow (Strengths): What are the good points? Why can this be done? Why is this a good thing? What are the strengths/benefits?

Black (Judgement): What is wrong with this? Will this work? Is it safe? Can it be done?

Blue (Planning): What thinking is needed? Where are we now? What is the next step? How far have we come?

White (Information): What are the key facts? What information do I have? What information do I need? What do I want to know?

Green (Creativity): What new ideas are possible? What is my suggestion? Can I create something new? What are the weaknesses?

Summary Card

A summary card can be downloaded by clicking the image below.