Bread Shaping and Flavour Sampling

Our topic this term in Design and Technology is 'The Great British Bread Off'. The children have researched and sampled different Warburtons bread products, as well as the history of the brand. This week the children worked with salt dough to practise shaping their bread making techniques. They were very inventive and enjoyed the process of evaluating and recreating their design. They also applied their mathematical knowledge with taking accurate measurements.

Below you can see some images of the process.

Reading Dogs

Every Thursday in Class 1 we have our Guided Reading lesson. We all read a text in our groups. Today we have chosen a book from Bug Club which the children love! We use our phonics to decode and then we discuss the text using our Reading Dogs. We are finding facts and information in our books with Rex the Retriever. Year 1s are learning to sequence stories using Sequencing Suki. Please have a look at the Reading Dogs below and find out what the children have been learning and what reading skills we are promoting through our clever canines!

Scholastic Book Club

This year we are launching a Scholastic Book Club.  Six times a year, Scholastic reveals a brand new Book Club selection of quality children's books at discounted prices. The books that are offered are carefully chosen to get children reading for pleasure - and to keep them reading right through their teenage years. We feel this fits with The Meadows ethos as it is a great way to introduce new books at home as well as promote reading for pleasure.

Assembly: Internet Legends

Today the children were introduced to the Internet Legends game "Interland". The game is made up of a series of different Interland Islands. In order to get through to these islands, the children have to answer a range of online safety questions to avoid falling in the Phishing River. We managed to score 240 this time around... it might have become a little tense when the time limit was applied. The islands are based around the five new pillars of our online safety curriculum:

Woodland Walk

We have had a wonderful walk through the woodland today. The children loved putting on their fancy wellies! It was like a fashion show as we compared colours, patterns and sparkles. We went out to look for signs of Autumn as part of our scientific inquiry. The children were able to spot conkers, acorns, oak leaves, berries, toadstools and leaves of all different colours. We talked about why the branches are bare and we saw leaves falling from the trees.

Power Maths

At The Meadows, we strive for our children to be successful and proficient mathematicians. Maths is a life skill – we use it all the time for example when we are baking, when shopping, whilst driving and when solving problems. We use maths when we are drawing, when building, whilst waiting for the bus and when going on holiday. We even use maths when we don’t even realise it. Therefore it is essential that we enable our children to be successful in this subject.

Class 4 Science Investigation - Sugar in Drinks

This half term our topic in Science is Body Health. During the course of the topic, we will be exploring how to keep our bodies healthy.

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the role of sugar in our diet and the consequences of consuming foods and drinks with too much sugar. We have done this by looking at the new sugar tax and discussing the big question below:

big debate.png


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