Squishy Circuits

Classes 1 and 2 have been really lucky to have a visitor in school today: Physicist Scott Walker from the Ogden Trust and Keele University. We had great fun taking part in a workshop called 'Squishy Circuits' which taught us about electricity. First, we had opportunity to investigate electrical components and learn about how these work and about closed and open circuits. We made lots of real-life links to where we use electricity in school and our homes. We even managed to make more complicated parallel circuits to power a bulb, motor and buzzer at the same time!

Happy Half term

We have enjoyed the last day of an extremely busy half term today. Year 2 have also worked very hard on their SATs. This morning the children in Classes1 and 2  joined together for a Do JO reward. They all took part in an outdoor obstacle race followed by a short film accompanied by home made popcorn! We had a PE session with Mr Skellern at the park this afternoon, followed by a creative activity of decorating biscuits. Year 2 also enjoyed an extra snack time to celebrate all of their hard work.

Roman Banquet

Today, Class 3 took part in a Roman Banquet. I was so impressed with the research and the cooking that went on to make this day happen. I would like to send a massive thank you home to all parents and carers for putting in so much effort alongside the children. It really was a great experience and allowed the children to consolidate their learning on Roman society. They were definitely full by the end of it! Below you can see a few images from the day as well as some of the home learning.


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