Science Club - Skittles

We have had great fun in science Club tonight designing and testing skittles ready for the children in Classes 1 and 2 to use in their beach day. We had to decide what materials to test inside the skittles and the best amount so that it would be easy for the younger children to knock down but not too easy! The children really showed how well they are able to use the characteristics of a scientist in planning this investigation. They thought about:

Class 4 Transition Morning

This morning it has been moving up day across the school. Whilst our current Year 6 are away at high school, the Y4 have come in to Class 4 to  get to know the pupils and the teachers in this class.

During our transition, we have completed in lots of team activities and really promoted our 'Secrets of Success', including to understand others and to compete. It was lovely seeing the children working collaboratively, supporting and encouraging each other as they went along. 

Squishy Circuits

Classes 1 and 2 have been really lucky to have a visitor in school today: Physicist Scott Walker from the Ogden Trust and Keele University. We had great fun taking part in a workshop called 'Squishy Circuits' which taught us about electricity. First, we had opportunity to investigate electrical components and learn about how these work and about closed and open circuits. We made lots of real-life links to where we use electricity in school and our homes. We even managed to make more complicated parallel circuits to power a bulb, motor and buzzer at the same time!


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