TriGolf Competition


On Wednesday, 10 pupils from Y4 represented our school in a TriGolf competition at Onneley Golf Club. The pupils, who were primarily competing against Y5 and Y6 pupils from other local schools, had to complete a range of tricky golf activities in order to acrude points. 

Sponsored Read Results

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took part in this year's sponsored read. The children who took part really threw themselves into the task of raising money as well as pushing themselves to do something additional to their weekly reading. For those who are unaware, Read for Good raises money for children who are in hospital as they are unable to have second-hand books due to the bacteria risks they pose. The charity also raises money so that story-tellers can go into hospital to entertain the children.

With all that said, we have managed to raise... 

Class 3 Golf Tournament

Several children from Class 3 attended a golf tournament this work. Their team-work and general sportsmanship was exemplary. In several of the activities, they scored in the top three! We were so proud of how they conducted themselves. You may have a few children asking for golf lessons in the future...


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The Useless Umbrella!

Today in Science club, we have investigated what is the best material to fix your umbrella if it is has holes in it. We discussed what a material it is made from and how umbrellas work. We knew that the material had to be waterproof and that the shape of an umbrella is also important to allow water to run off it and take it away from you. Then, we decided how we would carry out the experiment and how we would make it a fair test. The only thing we changed was the type of material we were testing but we would be dripping the same amount of water onto each material using a pipette.


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