Santa's Science Investigation

Please look at our super Christmas science investigation

Science Investigation 18.12.18

Santa has had an accident, Santa and the reindeer are fine, but the toys are scattered all over the country! Lap land is now covered in snow after a heavy down fall yesterday. The elves are digging to find the toys. How can we help the elves?


Elton John - "Some gifts are more than just a gift"




As part of our "Writing for Pleasure", stimulus which is the current John Lewis advert, I shared with the children some information regarding Elton's John's life, so they could appreciate the meaning of the advert. To begin with they could tell me very few facts, other than he is very famous and is a musician. 

Reflection and Restoration

At The Meadows our children do show extremely positive learning behaviours. They are truly engaged in their learning, displaying strong intrinsic motivation to succeed. On the playground and around school you can see our motto" Leaning by Caring and Sharing" as a tangible thread which wraps itself around all of our community.

New Playground Equipment Thanks to the Zumbathon


Today Jake, our Sports Ambassador, had a huge task to undertake: sorting out all of the new playground equipment that had arrived! The resources were purchased from the money raised by the Zumbathon in the summer term. The previous Zumba Y6 leaders (who have now left the school) have left their legacy by choosing equipment to be used on the playground. Today they arrived and it felt almost like Christmas.

Jeff's Elf Challenge for Cl4 - Read a Classic Text


This morning, Class 4 came into the room to discover Jeff enjoying reading a classic book out of our selection - 'The Five Children and It'. He set the children a challenge: to read a classic text with a buddy for pleasure. 

The children relished the opportunity to shared texts together. A particular favourite was, 'The Wind in the Willows', which was making the children laugh. 

Class 3 Maths Workshop

I would like to say a big thank you to those who attended the Maths Workshop. We had a really good turn out, especially as we are aware that it can be difficult to attend these things in the working week. I would also like to thank the children for sharing their learning with their parents. They were very articulate and showed real progress in their explanations.

Class 1 Enjoy Christmas Biscuits

This morning Class 1 have had an exciting day. First our parents came in to see our lovely work and share our learning. Then we made our mummies and daddies work very hard. They had to do a phonics lesson with us! We learned about the digraph "ch". We are so proud of our parents and carers. Because we had worked so hard together, we all deserved a treat. So Stella from AIP came into school to help us decorate some yummy Christmas biscuits. We were very creative with icing of different colours and sprinkles! We learnt how to mix icing and add red and green.

200 Books to Read

As you will be aware, we are continuing with our promotion of Reading for Pleasure. With Christmas fast approaching, we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to send out a list of suggested reads for the children in KS2.  In the corridor, you will also find a new display showcasing all the books we think the children should give a go by the time they leave. We feel these books will expand the genres in which the children are reading and introduce them to several classic authors.

Science Club - Snuffly Sneezes!

In science club this week we were investigating what the best material is for a handkerchief. We talked about why this is important and realised that is the material is too rough our noses would be sore but it also had to be strong and absorbent to soak up liquid. The children planned their own investigation thinking about what they would do, what equipment they would need and which materials they would test. They then made predictions about which would be the most suitable material and explained their reasons.

Y5/6 Football Match Monday 3.12.18


Yesterday our football team played a friendly match against Baldwins Gate Primary School. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their first team outing and the opportunity to play on the fabulous astroturf at Chesterton Community High School. Whilst they didn't win the match (they were defeated 1-0), they showed great team work and had some super passes and saves.


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