Looking after our teeth with Henry's dad!

We were very excited last Friday as we had another parent visitor come in to our class. This time it was Henry's dad, Mr Hinton. He came to talk to us about his job as a dental technician. He talked to us about how to care for our teeth by brushing twice a day, morning and night. We discussed healthy foods for our teeth too. We had lots of questions about the false teeth that Mr Hinton showed us!



Chicks in Class!


                                                    medium_chicks 2.jpg


Science Club

Today in Science Club we were plant detectives. We had noticed that sometimes plants grow in unusual places such as driveways, walls, roofs and even in house bricks and decided to find out why this might be. We realised that plants will grow anywhere where they can find a bit of soil or in cracks they can grow between. We were able to predict how we think the plants got there.


Ellenor - "I think that seeds can spread from nearby gardens."

YouTube Kids - Parental Controls

YouTube Kids has always been a useful resource to use as it filters out a lot of the inappropriate content that can be found when searching YouTube. However, they are currently improving the service to include more parental controls.

New parental controls

Over the course of the next year, YouTube will be introducing three new parental control options in YouTube Kids:

Computing Club

Today the children were introduced to the website: Mozilla Thimble. This allows children to explore and edit HTML through remixing. We begin with a basic web-page (Keep Calm and Carry On). Below are some of the examples:

Sky, Porsha and Maisie


Alexi, Orpah and Zac


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