Roman Banquet

Today, Class 3 took part in a Roman Banquet. I was so impressed with the research and the cooking that went on to make this day happen. I would like to send a massive thank you home to all parents and carers for putting in so much effort alongside the children. It really was a great experience and allowed the children to consolidate their learning on Roman society. They were definitely full by the end of it! Below you can see a few images from the day as well as some of the home learning.

France 2019

Our early start from Seabridge was a struggle for some children and they were asleep within the first few minutes! Others were far too excited. It was quite a long journey, though, but the children were such stars. As you can see, we still had smiley faces a few hours in!



Class 2's snake visitor

Today we were very lucky to have a corn snake brought into school for us to find out about and see. In our science lessons we have been learning about different types of animals, their habitats and what they eat, including studying reptiles. We were given interesting information and had opportunity to ask questions, such as:


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