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Maths Family Learning Workshops

This week, we have held a range of Maths Family Learning workshops across the school. The aims of these workshops have been to help family members:

•To recognise the characteristics of a Mathematician.

•To identify the expectations for their child/children in their learning.

•To understand what the RUCSAC method is and how we use it to help pupils create a strategy to solve problems.

•To have a go at different types of problems with their child.

Class 4 -Thank You


By Annabelle


On behalf of myself, Mrs Magee and Mrs Jones, I would like send a huge thank you for all of the lovely cards and gifts that we have received. We hope that you all have a wonderful, fun-filled and relaxing Christmas and look forward to welcoming you all back in January.

Mrs Kuffour :) 



Class 4 First Aid Training


As part of our new PSHE curriculum, last Friday Class 4 had the opportunity to participate in a first aid training session delivered by Simon from Flat Stan.  The purpose of the session was to provide pupils with the basic principles of first aid. This is so that they can feel confident about helping someone who is hurt, upset or poorly, in particular their families, friends and neighbours.

Class 4 Trip to Quarry Bank Mill


In History this term, Class 4 have been exploring the Victorian era. So far, we have explored the chronology of the Victorian era, linking to previous eras we have explored throughout school including the Stone Age and ancient civilisations such as Greece and Rome.


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