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French Chef's Visit to Key Stage Two

On Monday, pupils in Key Stage Two were lucky to be visited by French chef Jean-Paul who works for AIP. He came, alongside Stella, to tell us more about French culture, cuisine and crepes. 

During the course of the session, various children had the opportunity to make a crepe whilst others asked questions about French culture. We explored a range of topics including:

Bikeability Class 4


At the start of last week, pupils in Y5 had the opportunity to participate in Bikeability. They had a wonderful time (and glorious weather) learning about how to cycle safely and responsibly on the roads. 


Solar Scrapheap Challenge Cl4


Today Class 4 were thrilled to welcome the scientist Mr Scott Walker into our class to lead a session called 'Solar Scrapheap Challenge'. The challenge, which Cl4 willingly accepted, was to create a solar car using a variety of scrap pieces - including wires, aluminium rods and CDs. 


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