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Great British Bread Off - CL3

This term our project in Design and Technology is based on bread. The children have been exploring the history of Warburtons and last week they sampled the different products. Below you can see images of the children sampling and analysing these breads. They were very engaged and enthuastic to try new things!


Media Coverage: The Sentinel (Reading Dogs)

Thanks to our Twitter presence, we caught the attention of the Sentinel. The newspaper was reporting on national results in Reading across Staffordshire. While Staffordshire schools are above the national average, we are considerably above (achieving 100% at the expected standard in KS1). The newspaper was interested in knowing what we implemented in school to achieve such high results. Our ethos towards reading has certainly developed over the past two years. We feel that the introduction of the Reading Dogs has supported the children in their understanding of a text.


You can download a copy of the current menu here. The menu can be found on the website here.

Reading and Writing Survey Results

You can download a copy of the feedback received from the Reading and Writing survey taken at the end of the last term by clicking this link. The responses were very positive and we were pleased to see that parental engagement has increased. The impacts of the changes made to Reading has been reflected in National assessments as well as through discussions with the children. Further information regarding the impact will follow shortly.

Peak Mining Museum Trip - CL3

Last week, the children in Class 3 went on their trip to the Peak Mining Museum in Matlock. This was to consolidate their learning on rocks, fossils and our local mining study. We had glorious weather and all of the children were able to enjoy this as they were appropriately prepared (thank you for your support in this matter). As ever, their behaviour was exemplary and they were thoroughly engaged in the activities presented to them.

Class 3 Transition

Today, the children across the key stages moved into their new class for the morning. In Class 3, we began with a discussion on the expectations and challenges ahead. The children found out that their class text for next year would be Harry Potter (which they seemed very excited by). The children created their own Dobby's Sock to showcase all their interests and hobbies. Photos of these to follow.


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