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The Doctor Meets The Vikings

This afternoon the children had the chance to consolidate their learning by practising a performance. In the performance, Doctor Who decided to travel to Viking times to learn about their way of life. The children learnt lots of facts during this time, while also practising their dramatic flare (some were more dramatic than others, but I'll leave you to guess those)! Below are some photographs from the performance.



K2M Concert

This is a reminder regarding the K2M concert at the Victoria Hall on Monday 7th July. Parents will be admitted at 1:45pm ready for a prompt start at 2:00pm. The concert will end at 3:15pm. The children will be having an early lunch in school and will need to bring in a packed lunch. If your child needs a packed lunch, please contact Mrs Cooper by Friday. 

Viking Worlds!

As the Vikings believed that a variety of gods ruled over different worlds, the children have been creating some of these places. Using their cereal boxes, they chose which worlds they would create. Some of the ideas the children came up with were really ingenious! They used a variety of resources in their creations (and got quite messy in the process)!

Pictures coming soon.

Ofsted Report

You can find the recent Ofsted report by following this link. We are delighted to share this recent report as the judgement confirms the school's own evaluation that we are now indeed a GOOD school! We want to thank the children for all their hard work.

Speech Writing - Talk Homework

This week, the children have been looking at the features of persuasive speeches. Throughout this process, the children have practised their own debating skills and have used a variety of persuasive sentence openers. In their Big Write on Friday, the children will be writing their speech (they are either 'for' or 'against' the construction of the very first railway). Their Talk Homework for this evening is to tell you all their reasons, for or against, this idea. The children should also try to use as many different persuasive sentence openers as possible.

Ring of Fire

Last week, the children had the chance to make their own volcanoes and today we had a chance to create the eruption! Fortunately, the weather remained sunny as it was a bit too messy to do indoors. This was a very practical and hands on way for the children to learn about volcano eruptions and they enjoyed it immensely. They also got the chance to write a set of instructions for how to build these (so you may be getting a few volcano requests at home)!


Welcome to the Class 3 Blog

We have been busy for the past month updating the website (and getting lots of quotes from the children)! The main purpose of this blog is to share with you some of the experiences the children have in school. At times, the updates may come from the children (but I'm sure they will let you know if that happens). If you browse through the class pages, you can make yourself aware of the current topics in science and history. 

In the coming weeks, the children will be taking part in a variety of activities that should keep this blog busy (from Brazilian dancing to a visting Viking)!


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