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Class 3 Maths Workshop

I would like to say a big thank you to those who attended the Maths Workshop. We had a really good turn out, especially as we are aware that it can be difficult to attend these things in the working week. I would also like to thank the children for sharing their learning with their parents. They were very articulate and showed real progress in their explanations.

200 Books to Read

As you will be aware, we are continuing with our promotion of Reading for Pleasure. With Christmas fast approaching, we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to send out a list of suggested reads for the children in KS2.  In the corridor, you will also find a new display showcasing all the books we think the children should give a go by the time they leave. We feel these books will expand the genres in which the children are reading and introduce them to several classic authors.

Chester Zoo - CL3

I would like to start this blog by saying just how proud I am of all of the children for their exemplary behaviour. It was noted on several occassions (as well as by the bus driver). It would have been easy for them to let their excitement get the better of them. However, they all followed instructions beautifully and had a fantastic (though exhausting) time exploring the many areas of the zoo.

Train Safety - CL3 and CL4

Yesterday, Class 3 and 4 received a visit from Network Rail and the British Transport Police. With the railway being so close to us, we felt the children needed to be made more aware of the dangers. The children were very engaged with the discussion and knew that they should play near railway tracks. They learnt about the dangers (from the electricity wires to the fast speed of the trains). Some of the facts were astounding! For instance, a standard train weighs the same as 80 elephants! It also takes the distance of 25 football pitches for a high speed train to stop!

Bread Shaping and Flavour Sampling

Our topic this term in Design and Technology is 'The Great British Bread Off'. The children have researched and sampled different Warburtons bread products, as well as the history of the brand. This week the children worked with salt dough to practise shaping their bread making techniques. They were very inventive and enjoyed the process of evaluating and recreating their design. They also applied their mathematical knowledge with taking accurate measurements.

Below you can see some images of the process.


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