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Peak Mining Museum Trip - CL3

Last week, the children in Class 3 went on their trip to the Peak Mining Museum in Matlock. This was to consolidate their learning on rocks, fossils and our local mining study. We had glorious weather and all of the children were able to enjoy this as they were appropriately prepared (thank you for your support in this matter). As ever, their behaviour was exemplary and they were thoroughly engaged in the activities presented to them.

Class 3 Transition

Today, the children across the key stages moved into their new class for the morning. In Class 3, we began with a discussion on the expectations and challenges ahead. The children found out that their class text for next year would be Harry Potter (which they seemed very excited by). The children created their own Dobby's Sock to showcase all their interests and hobbies. Photos of these to follow.

Obstacle Course - CL3

On Thursday, the children had a treat from ASM Sports. They had the chance to take part in an obstacle course. Let's just say that by the end of it, they were thoroughly exhausted! They showed real sportsmanship and had a lot of fun trying to manoeuvre the course... The boys has a good time trying to pull each other over... 


Some accepted their defeat better than others...

Sponsored Read Results

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took part in this year's sponsored read. The children who took part really threw themselves into the task of raising money as well as pushing themselves to do something additional to their weekly reading. For those who are unaware, Read for Good raises money for children who are in hospital as they are unable to have second-hand books due to the bacteria risks they pose. The charity also raises money so that story-tellers can go into hospital to entertain the children.

With all that said, we have managed to raise... 

Class 3 Golf Tournament

Several children from Class 3 attended a golf tournament this work. Their team-work and general sportsmanship was exemplary. In several of the activities, they scored in the top three! We were so proud of how they conducted themselves. You may have a few children asking for golf lessons in the future...


pupil voice.png

Reading Resources

The website has been updated to include a new 'How To' guide to support your child with reading. It's a wonderful video resource that gives some very useful tips. You can find the information here.

Sponsored Read Deadline

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has already given in their sponsor cards. We are raising a lot of money for a great cause! I would like to remind everyone that sponsor cards and donations need to be in by Friday 9th June. Cards that are not given in by that date will not be included in our in-school competition. You are free to donate by cash or cheque through the school but please put these donations into an enevelope with your child's name on the front.


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