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Think Tank

We had an amazing day yesterday at Think Tank in Birmingham for our trip. There was so much science learning happening and lots of things so see and interact with. The children particularly enjoyed going in the Science garden and working out how the mechanisms and forces worked:

Science Club: Sniffly sneezes

In Science Club today, we have used a comparative test to investigate which material makes the best hanky as part of of CREST Award. We made predication about which materials we thought would be the most absorbent and were able to give reasons using our scientific understanding. Then we planned which equipment we would need and how we could record our results. We made the test as fair as possible in our groups by using our maths skills to cut materials to the same size and counting the number of water drops from a pipette.

Teabag trouble!

In Science Club, Class 2 have been busy investigating what is the best material to make a teabag out of as part of their CREST Award. They used their STEM skills as scientists, engineers and mathematicians to plan a comparative test. The children did everything they could to make their test as fair as possible including measuring materials to the same size each time, using one spoon of tea leaves and timing each one for one minute.

Welcome back - Class 2

We have had a great first day back today and have been involved in playing some games to learn new things about our new class mates and thinking about what our aims for the year ahead might be. We all thought about a secret of success (linked to the Dojos) that we would particularly like to work on to help us throughout the year and demonstrated aiming for this target in a practical way. We all had water balloons and had to 'aim' ours at the Dojo we had chosen to help us remember our goals as well as having lots of fun. It was a lot harder than it first seemed!

Science Club - Skittles

We have had great fun in science Club tonight designing and testing skittles ready for the children in Classes 1 and 2 to use in their beach day. We had to decide what materials to test inside the skittles and the best amount so that it would be easy for the younger children to knock down but not too easy! The children really showed how well they are able to use the characteristics of a scientist in planning this investigation. They thought about:

Squishy Circuits

Classes 1 and 2 have been really lucky to have a visitor in school today: Physicist Scott Walker from the Ogden Trust and Keele University. We had great fun taking part in a workshop called 'Squishy Circuits' which taught us about electricity. First, we had opportunity to investigate electrical components and learn about how these work and about closed and open circuits. We made lots of real-life links to where we use electricity in school and our homes. We even managed to make more complicated parallel circuits to power a bulb, motor and buzzer at the same time!

Class 2's snake visitor

Today we were very lucky to have a corn snake brought into school for us to find out about and see. In our science lessons we have been learning about different types of animals, their habitats and what they eat, including studying reptiles. We were given interesting information and had opportunity to ask questions, such as:

Safer Internet Day, 5th February 2019

Yesterday was safer Internet Day 2019 and children in Classes 1 and 2 worked together to think about how they can make sure they are using the Internet safely and respectfully. We thought about devices on which we may be accessing the Internet as well as Apps and games that are online. We were surprised at how many we are using in school and at home.


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