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Class 2's snake visitor

Today we were very lucky to have a corn snake brought into school for us to find out about and see. In our science lessons we have been learning about different types of animals, their habitats and what they eat, including studying reptiles. We were given interesting information and had opportunity to ask questions, such as:

Safer Internet Day, 5th February 2019

Yesterday was safer Internet Day 2019 and children in Classes 1 and 2 worked together to think about how they can make sure they are using the Internet safely and respectfully. We thought about devices on which we may be accessing the Internet as well as Apps and games that are online. We were surprised at how many we are using in school and at home.

Science: Finding out about fish!

In our science lessons, we are learning about different groups of animals. This week, we have been examining fish to find out about their special features are answer the questions "What makes a fish a fish?" We looked at detailed images of fish and then compared two different real fish) to see how they were different, but most importantly, how they were alike. The children were able to ask some really good scientific questions about fish, including:

Science Club - Keeping warm

In Science Club tonight. we had a challenge to solve! we had to find out which materials would keep some water warm the best. The children identified different materials to test (newspaper, cotton, towel, sponge, bubble wrap, foil, wool, plastic) and decided they would wrap these around a beaker of warm water. We thought about which equipment we would need and decided a thermometer would be useful to measure the water temperature and see if it changes after some time.

Science Club - Snuffly Sneezes!

In science club this week we were investigating what the best material is for a handkerchief. We talked about why this is important and realised that is the material is too rough our noses would be sore but it also had to be strong and absorbent to soak up liquid. The children planned their own investigation thinking about what they would do, what equipment they would need and which materials they would test. They then made predictions about which would be the most suitable material and explained their reasons.

CPA Workshop Class 2

Class 2 had an enjoyable maths morning today where the children had opportunity to share with their parents some of the different practical resources they use in their maths lessons and different ways that numbers and calculations can be represented. Thank you very much to parents for taking part in the session. I know the children really enjoyed working with you and sharing their learning.

Class Two at Chester Zoo

Last week when we went to Chester Zoo we had an amazing day looking at all of the animals. We were very lucky to have a workshop with one of the zoo keepers who was able to tell us all about lots of the animals in the zoo and gave us chance to ask questions.

Class 1 & 2 Animal madness!

Today on Classes 1 and 2 we have had a super day. First, we had a visit from 'The Animal Man' who brought lots of interesting animals with him for us to look at. We were using our science skills when we learnt about different types of animals and classifying them as:


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