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Science Week - CL3

For our Science Week, the children explored the problem of oil pollution. This has linked nicely to our work on rivers. The children were very engaged (and rightfully outraged) about a problem that has such massive impacts on our environment.

Reading Treasure Hunt - CL3

As a way to reward those children who consistently read more than is expected at home, we reward the children with a treasure hunt! This term we had a lot of children exploring the school for their prizes. There were a series of riddles that they had to get right in order to get to the next stage. The riddles were themed around our recent work on The Spiderwick Chronicles. You may have heard something about a boggart...

Below you can find some photographs from our hunt. The children really seemed to enjoy the hunt!

World Book Day 2018

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful donations for the Dog’s Trust. The Dog’s Trust will be coming into school shortly to run several workshops with the children (from taking care of the dogs to working out just how much a dog can cost during their lifetime)! I know these donations are much appreciated.


Animal Jam - Restricting Chat Features

We have had several comments regarding the children's use of the chat feature in this game. Below you can find several ways to make the game safer for your child. While there is no way of blocking the chat feature entirely, there are ways to make it safer. 

There are three options for chatting on this website:

Bubble Chat

If your child is using this website, we feel this is the safest option to use. It allows the children to use the chat feature but only with a list of given phrases.

FUN Maths - Class 3

This week most of the class has moved on to the 7 x table. Some of the children have been really missing the song we did for the 3 x table. However, we finally have a brand new favourite! 




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