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Today, as part of our on-going World Cup themed week, all children have participated in dance work shops at the Madeley Centre. Here they have had the opportunity to learn a dance from a different country. Class 4 studied a dance from Ghana, Class 3 a dance from Brazil, Class 1 a dance from Spain and Class 2 a dance from Mexico. All sessions were led by a qualified dance instructor from Manchester. The sessions were extremely energetic and great fun. All children participated and were complemented for their fantastic behaviour. Well done children!!


Mrs K

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Mix Up Day - World Cup Theme

Today all children have had the opportunity to be taught by each member of staff in the school who have run workshops based upon the World Cup. Activities have included: Learning football skills, designing personalised football strips and learning more about the Brazilian carnivals in order to design a mask. Here are some photographs showing the fun that we have had:

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You can find a copy of the Razzamatazz programme by clicking this link.


World Cup Themed Week


This week we are celebrating the World Cup across the whole school. We began our themed week during our whole school assembly where we looked at how football is celebrated in many countries. We also looked at the impact that building stadiums has had financially on Brazil, where many people are struggling with poor living conditions. 

A travel agents has been set up in the library, allowing children of all ages to role play together.

Don't forget to check this blog daily for more information about our themed week. 

Mrs Kuffour

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Sports Day

Above you can see a selection of photographs taken during Sports Day. We would like to express how proud we are of all the children that took part. Everyone put in a great amount of effort and showed brilliant sportsmanship. Through the day the children took part in a variety of activities, from seeing how far they could jump to tackling an obstacle course. The children had the chance to show the skills they have developed through the year, such as co-ordination, balance and agility. 

We would also like to thank you for all your positive feedback regarding the change of venue. We had the chance to use the brilliant facilities the university had to offer, which allowed for a smooth transition through the day. We hope you enjoyed the prize giving at the end of Sports Day, with the added bonus of Mr Maydew's podium, as the children were very excited about the ceremony.

The children in Key Stage 2 also had the added element of competition. With every activity the children completed, they were allocated points. Below are the children who came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each year group. 

Year 3

1st: Joe | 2nd: Reece | 3rd: William 

Year 4

1st: Ella-Grace | 2nd: Bethany | 3rd: Josh D

Year 5

1st: Iona | 2nd: Mark| 3rd: Owen

Year 6

1st: Lucy | 2nd: Leon | 3rd: Oliver H

This is also a reminder regarding photographic consent. If you do not give consent for your child to have their photograph on the website, we will be unable to showcase their talents!


8-a-side Football Friendly Against Richard Heathcote

Well done to Oliver Heraty who led his team (Oliver W, Leon B, Matty W, Lucy L, Iona Y, Mark A and Owen M) to a 3-3 draw. They played valiantly against tough opponents and showed tremendous spirit.

Mrs K :)