Reading for Pleasure Fundraiser

I would like to take this opportunity to first thank all of the children for their amazing work during this fundraising day. They were extremely helpful and understanding with the younger children (and they also showed a real flare for advertising...). With the sale of sweets, games and cakes we raised over £200! I would also like to thank you for your continued support as the children throughout the school thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The day began by organising the classroom with the range of activities.

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We brought different year groups in to experience the games and to buy their sweets. Class 1 were very excited to use their money! Class 3 showed some real life Maths application by working out changes and total, and they were extremely patient with the younger children as they worked these things out.

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The cakes brought in for the competition were truly outstanding. It was such a difficult decision to make! The voting was done by the children in Class 3. Below you can find lots of photographs.

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Our first place went to Alexi and Max. Second place went to Martha, Alice and Isaac. Third place went to Lily! Well done for your beautiful (and tasty entries).




The winner of our raffle was Lucas… Good luck getting that onto your wall!


The afternoon finished with a cake sale, which the children greatly enjoyed…

IMG_2459.JPG IMG_2458.JPG


More photos can be found here. Again, thank you for your continued support (especially those parents who sent in extra money so that all the children could have a cake). We will be using the money towards reading books. 


"I really enjoyed advertising! We tried to use 50% off to entice people to buy!" - Michelle

"We had to work out changes and totals so we used lots of Maths," - Oliver

"I liked all the dragon cakes!" - Lily

"It was nice to see other children being more confident!" - Christi