Parent Survey Results 2016

Below are the results for the recent parent survey. Thank you to those who did complete this as  we were rather disappointed with the response – just 34.  However they of course do provide an insight into parental views.  We have analysed the results carefully. Using the thinking hats to structure the positives and areas we can improve, we have found the following.

parent survey.png

We do feel strongly that one area in which we would like to do more is preparing our children for the online world. In school we regularly teach children about the dangers of social media and such like. We are very aware that lots and lots of children do not follow the age restrictions and have their own accounts.  In school our children show a very clear understanding about how to act responsibly and keep themselves safe. However we have this year been quite shocked by the number of difficulties children have faced outside of school. Fallings out have very easily escalated via communications online. Talking to parents it is clear that lots of you feel that you would like more information about protecting you children from these dangers. It is after all such a different world now, to when we grew up.

The responses have been most useful and encouraging.  It is very true that our greatest asset of being so small also faces our community with significant challenges. The building does have great limitations and we are indeed only one of 2 schools in Staffordshire without a hall. Whilst we acknowledge that we have identified some very useful areas to improve, our achievements are testimony to you as parents, the staff and most of all the children.  The Meadows really is a “little treasure” and I am exceptionally proud to be the headteacher of such a special place.