Our Ambassadors and Mentors

Pupil Voice at The Meadows

There is growing evidence to suggest that the more that pupils are involved in the learning process the more effective their learning is, for example in assessment for learning, peer and self- assessment. Pupils are very aware of factors which help or hinder their learning in lessons and can play an important role in identifying them.
Pupil voice is essential in schools because children are stakeholders in their own learning and should be provided with the opportunity to have their say about our school. We have developed considerably in this area over the last year alone, particularly with blogs, and our school has been praised for the way in which we engage children. Furthermore, we have been highly commended because the children are aware of our strengths and weakness and what we are working on, within the school year, to improve (our school improvement plan). 

However, we recognise that we still need to continue to develop pupil voice. We feel that, for many valid reasons, our school council has not been an effective tool for children to have their say about the running of our school. For example, in many instances the school councillor is chosen due to popularity rather than their evident leadership skills.

As a result, we have redesigned the roles for pupils within our school.


Our School Ambassadors (two Y6 pupils) are chosen based upon their leadership skills and whether they embody our ‘Secrets of Success’. They will fulfil many roles, such as welcoming visitors, giving tours of the school, contributing to the website and speaking to visitors to our school about life at The Meadows.  Furthermore they also have the opportunity to meet fortnightly with Mrs Procter to feedback pupil voice as well as to provide their contribution for the Meadows Newsletter.

The Behaviour Mentors are chosen from a group of Y6 children who display outstanding behaviour. They promote positive behaviour throughout the school, help to monitor behaviour on the playground and support children who have been given reflection time to think about their behaviour and how they can improve the choices they make. They have a termly meeting with Mrs Procter and a member of the Behaviour and Welfare committee.

The Class Learning Mentors are chosen from Y2, Y4 and Y6. They promote positive learning behaviours in their class, setting an example to other children within their class. They have regular dialogue with their teacher regarding teaching and learning within their classroom. They are also expected to contribute to blogs regarding learning in their class. They may also be required to support the learning of other children within their class.

This year we have also introduced a Sports Ambassador. Their role is to promote health and fitness through the school by helping to organise a range of sporting events.

All mentors have a termly meeting with Mrs Procter regarding our school improvement priorities.

This year the following pupils have been chosen for these roles:

Student Ambassadors


Behaviour Mentors


Sport Ambassador


Learning Mentors

Class 4


Class 3


Class 2