EYFS Curriculum

The EYFS Curriculum


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The EYFS Curriculum: Explained


Autumn 1

We will learn all about ourselves. We will be talking about our features, interests, likes and dislikes and our aspirations. We will discuss who is in our immediate and extended family and our pets. We will investigate how we change from babyhood to adulthood and think about new skills we will acquire. We will learn a little about our bodies and how they work. Also during this topic we will think about the people who help us at home, at school and in the wider

In RE we will learn about special people in our lives; special people in our family, at school and within our community. We will learn about special people in Christianity and Judaism such as Jesus and Moses.

Autumn 2

During the second half term we will look at how the seasons change and learn about our natural environment, focusing on autumn. As part of the autumn topic we will learn a little more about our immediate environment and how to care for it as well as the wider world, the weather and even a little about Space! During the autumn term, we will also learn about several celebrations and festivals including Harvest, Diwali and Christmas. We will also learn about the famous artist Kandinsky and produce some original art work in the style of Kandinsky.

In RE we will learn about the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus Christ. We will discuss how we celebrate Christmas in school, with our families and within the community.

Spring 1

When we return to school after the Christmas break, we will discuss how we have celebrated Christmas and learn about New Year traditions. We will look at how New Year is celebrated around the world and look at stories from around the world. This includes Chinese New Year. This is a topic that the children especially enjoy as we learn about Chinese culture too.

In RE we will learn about how we celebrate New Year around the world. We will look at the Hindu Festival of Colour.

Spring 2

During the second half of this term we will explore how plants and animals grow and change. We will look at the metamorphism of caterpillars into butterflies and lifecycles of frogs and chickens. We will study the famous artwork of Monet and create garden and floral scenes in his style. This will lead into work about Easter and new life.

In RE we will learn about the Easter. We will look at the symbols of Easter. This will link into new life in Spring.

Summer 1

In the summer term we will read lots of traditional tales, some of which from different cultures. We will act out lots of stories too and even write our own! We will do lots of imaginary activities based around our favourite stories.

In RE we will listen to and discuss stories from around the world. We will think about the morals of stories from different cultures and religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism. 

Summer 2

As we approach our summer holidays we will learn about different countries we would like to visit. We will taste different foods from around the world and learn a few phrases in different languages. We will also explore different modes of transport. Also during the summer term we will learn about another artist and create pictures in the style of Matisse.

In RE we will learn about familiar places and our immediate environment. We will learn about places of worship such as a church, a mosque and a synagogue.