Class 1 Curriculum


Spring Term 

Happy New Year to everyone! Last term was an excellent start to school life for our new children. They all settled in so well to our Meadows' family and I am sure that you will agree that they have made such a lot of progress already. I feel that the Nativity was proof of their confidence and positive well-being. This Spring term will be filled with more new learning experiences and opportunities. This term in Class 1, we will be promoting positive learning behaviour using our Do Jo reward system. The children love to get DO Jos for our 9 Secrets of Success. You can encourage this with your child, by asking them what they have had a Do Jo for. As time goes on, we encourage the children to become increasingly independent in their learning challenges and making their own recording in their learning diaries. We are also beginning to look at new ways of reflecting on behaviour and empathising with others.

We will continue with daily phonics sessions. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers in December for our phonics and biscuits session. As you saw children will continue to learn letter sounds, blending and segmenting. During the reception/ year 1, the children learn their alphabet, letter names and letter sounds. (Phonemes). As part of the next phonic phase we are learning digraphs and trigraphs. Some of our Year 1 children are learning different ways to make the same sound such as ai, ay and split digraphs as in the word made. They also learn to write the letter shapes (Graphemes) and are encouraged to form cursive letters correctly. This is something that you can practise at home with your child. The children love to use these skills on Bug Club and also using Phonic play - at home as well as at school.

Every day we have a FUN maths session. This is time to practise our fluency and understanding of number through fun songs, rhymes and games. You can help your child to develop these skills through lots of counting forwards and backwards. We practise number formation daily using catchy songs. We also keep fit whilst counting to 100 daily! The children will learn these rhymes off by heart and will love to sing them. You will also know them off by heart very soon! We have adopted a very practical approach to maths in Early Years providing real life examples, number problems and the use of concrete resources. Thank you again to all of the parents and carers who came to our CPA in maths family workshop.

We will be learning about New Year celebrations and traditions around the world. This will cover learning about ourselves and our families and a little about different families and their lives in Britain and around the world as we teach children about diversity. We will explore Chinese New Year and enjoy acting out the story using our drama and role play. We will also learn a little about China and how it is similar and different to Britain. As part of our topic we will be creative with dragon arts and crafts and even perform a lion dance. We will enjoys stories from around the world.

We will have a biology scientific focus in which we look at animals and plants. This will continue leading up to Easter as we look at changing plants and animals. Our Year 1 children will build upon their prior knowledge and learning by advancing into our NC science.

The children will continue with PE and Games with Mr Skellern in which they experiment with different ways of travelling, balance and control and throwing, catching and kicking ball skills. They love to learn new games each week and then teach Mrs Fowler and I during outdoor play times. We especially love “Banana Tag”! Throughout the school week, we promote healthy living, during snack times and daily keep fit counting. Children learn about keeping fit, happy, clean and healthy.

We love to see parents on Friday mornings between 8.45 and 9.05 and the children love sharing their learning with you and each other. The drop in sessions will continue from week one.