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Planning in reception

Today the children have used their thinking hats to talk about our new topic, animals. We used our white hats to remember facts about animals. We used our yellow hats to talk about good points, black hats to think about any bad points. The most exciting part, was that we used our blue hat thinking to plan our new topic. They came up with the most wierd and wonderful ideas! We will be using these super ideas to inform our more formal planning and use them to move the children's learning forward.

Alien Party!

We are celebrating in reception this week. We have got 20 marbles in our jar for good behaviour and good learning. As a reward the children have chosen to have a party on Friday. In keeping with our class topic, it will be an alien party. We have created alien hats, designed invitations, written recipes and made cakes and jelly. 

Parent's Phonics Workshop

We would like to thank all of the Reception and Year 1 parents who attended the phonics workshop. We were pleased with the turn out and positive feedback received on the day.

We hope you found it informative and beneficial to your child’s home learning. If you would like any further information or clarification please let us know.

Thank you

Mrs Davies & Mrs Parry 

Phonic Workshop for parents

On Tuesday 20th January at 2:30pm we will be holding a phonics workshop for Class 1(Reception) and year 1 parents. This workshop will provide information about the technical terminology associated with phonics, how phonics is taught in school and how you can support your child at home. It will also cover details about the statutory phonics screening that all year 1 children will participate in during the summer term. 

PE kit and toast money reminder.

Welcome back. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas. The children have been very eager to share their news about spending special time with family and friends, gifts from Santa, lovely treats and outings. We would like to wish everybody a happy and healthy new year.

It feels like we have never been away! Please  ensure that children have a PE kit in school that is suitable for cold weather. Mr Skellern often teaches PE outside. Therefore children need jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers/ outdoor pumps in addition to their school PE kit. Thank You.

Padlocks and keys!

In reception we would like to set up a fun maths activity using padlocks for the children to promote number recognition addition and subtraction skills. If you have any spare padlocks and keys that you could donate, we would be very grateful. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Police Visit

This half term the Reception children have been learning about ‘ourselves’. Part of the topic was to think about ways to stay healthy and safe. We have talked about people who help us. The children began to play Police games, so with reception staff they made their own Police Station! The local Constabulary heard about our wonderful Police Station and came to visit Class 1 and Class 2. P.C. Magee was most impressed! He talked to the children about the role of the Police, his uniform and equipment and also taught us how to stay safe whilst we are out and about.

World War 1 visit

Today was very exciting! We had a special visitor in school. Corporal Frederick Horsnell (children's author John Malam) showed us his World war 1 uniform.The children then designed their own soldier's uniform, however we feel they would not provide very good camouflage in the trenches or french woodland!  

MPS Disco Day

Thank you for all of your support on our MPS Disco Day. Class one and Class two enjoyed a joint disco outside in the sunshine. Everyone enjoyed dancing and some of the girls loved doing the ‘Cha Cha Slide’! The Meadows has raised a grand total of £152.00 from voluntary donations and the raffle. The proceeds will be halved. Half will be sent to the MPS society and half will be used in school for pupils with additional needs. Mrs R Morris was ecstatic as she will be on her way to see Kylie on Friday evening!  



Toast time

We have been having an extra treat at toast time this week! We have been enjoying honey on toast. Lucas brought in some honey comb from a bee nest! The children were fascinated and we spent the day finding out more about bees, drawing and colouring bees, reading bee stories and playing a honey game! The children love having toast and this is an important social time for the children. Thank you for your contributions of £1.00 a week for the toast.


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