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Happy Half term

We have enjoyed the last day of an extremely busy half term today. Year 2 have also worked very hard on their SATs. This morning the children in Classes1 and 2  joined together for a Do JO reward. They all took part in an outdoor obstacle race followed by a short film accompanied by home made popcorn! We had a PE session with Mr Skellern at the park this afternoon, followed by a creative activity of decorating biscuits. Year 2 also enjoyed an extra snack time to celebrate all of their hard work.

Safer Internet Day in Class 1 and 2

This week in Computing and PSHE, Class 1 and Class 2 have been learning about staying safe online. We have learned the following rules. We have been singing a super song to remind us to be alert, secure and brave. The children have worked through scenarios using drama. They have found out the meaning of ICT words and icons. They have played a true or false game. The children were very aware of how to stay safe online whilst playing games. Ask your child to talk about and explain the following rules. It is good to refresh these rules together regularly

Hung Hey Fat Choi


This week, Class 1 have had so much fun learning about Chinese New Year. We have been using  and exploring a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function to create dragon masks and a giant dragon. We have used our imagination to create music and dance. We have performed a traditional Dragon dance.


Number Day for NSPCC

Today we have had lots of fun with numbers in Class 1 and Class 2. We have all made an effort to wear our own clothes with a maths theme. We have numbers, patterns and shapes everywhere! We have been playing with numbers together and making exciting maths games to play together. We have been using our number bonds to 10, addition and subtraction and even challenged ourselves with our times tables. We have had lots of fun and we have counted out our money to buy some delicious cakes. There were some amazing cakes with numbers on them!

Bug Club

Bug Club is a finely levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can read books that are at exactly the right level for them. If you have access to the internet at home your child can enjoy reading Bug Club online at home. The children will come home today with a reminder of their log on details. Bug Club is an important part of our home learning and we would like all children to be using this super resource at least weekly. We use Bug Club during our weekly guided reading sessions as well as during our chosen activities.

Santa's Science Investigation

Please look at our super Christmas science investigation

Science Investigation 18.12.18

Santa has had an accident, Santa and the reindeer are fine, but the toys are scattered all over the country! Lap land is now covered in snow after a heavy down fall yesterday. The elves are digging to find the toys. How can we help the elves?


Class 1 Enjoy Christmas Biscuits

This morning Class 1 have had an exciting day. First our parents came in to see our lovely work and share our learning. Then we made our mummies and daddies work very hard. They had to do a phonics lesson with us! We learned about the digraph "ch". We are so proud of our parents and carers. Because we had worked so hard together, we all deserved a treat. So Stella from AIP came into school to help us decorate some yummy Christmas biscuits. We were very creative with icing of different colours and sprinkles! We learnt how to mix icing and add red and green.


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