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CPA Family Learning Workshop

Class 1 have had a fantastic mathematical morning today! Thank you to the parents who came back to school for a maths lesson! I think you had lots of fun. I know that the children certainly enjoyed sharing their learning and new skills. Mrs Fowler and I were so proud of the children as they were able to articulate their learning and the behaviour as always was excellent.


Our mums did some learning on the Smart board.

Bonfire Night

Class 1 came back to school on Monday morning with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. We shared our half term news. The children talked about the firework displays that they went to and described the amazing fireworks.

Power Maths

This week in Class 1 we have loved our new "Power Maths". We have been introduced to new characters - Flexible Flo, Determined Dexter, Curious Ash, Brave Astrid who show us characteristics of super mathematicians! We have been learning about subtraction using our concrete resources such as Numicon tiles, pegs and ten frames. Take a look at our super learning!


Reading Dogs

Every Thursday in Class 1 we have our Guided Reading lesson. We all read a text in our groups. Today we have chosen a book from Bug Club which the children love! We use our phonics to decode and then we discuss the text using our Reading Dogs. We are finding facts and information in our books with Rex the Retriever. Year 1s are learning to sequence stories using Sequencing Suki. Please have a look at the Reading Dogs below and find out what the children have been learning and what reading skills we are promoting through our clever canines!

Shapes, shapes everywhere!

This week in our maths lessons, we have been learning about shape. We have been naming 2 dimensional (flat shapes) and have been finding out about their properties in lots of fun ways. Have a look at some of our photographs.


“Triangles with 3 sides.” - Teddy           

Woodland Walk

We have had a wonderful walk through the woodland today. The children loved putting on their fancy wellies! It was like a fashion show as we compared colours, patterns and sparkles. We went out to look for signs of Autumn as part of our scientific inquiry. The children were able to spot conkers, acorns, oak leaves, berries, toadstools and leaves of all different colours. We talked about why the branches are bare and we saw leaves falling from the trees.

Outer Space Visit!

102_0677.JPG We looked at the sky through a telescope.


Last week, Mr Taylor came in to visit Class 1 and taught us all about the planets in the solar system. Mr Taylor has a very exciting job. He goes all over the world observing the sky at night to look for new planets. He showed us photographs of his travels and the giant telescopes that he has used to look through. He answered lots of difficult questions too. Thank you Mr Taylor.

Stay and Play and Teddy Bears' Picnic

Monday was our first Stay and Play session to welcome our new children who will be starting at The Meadows in September. They all seemed very happy to come and meet their new classmates and explore their new learning environment. It made Mrs Fowler and myself realise just how big our current reception children have got and how much they have grown and blossomed. We will be having another Teddy Bears' Picnic this year. It will be at Talk Talk Park on Friday 13th July at . 2 o'clock. Can all of the children bring a favourite teddy please. All snacks and drinks will be provided.


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