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Wedding surprises

Today all the children joined together to wish Miss Parry their best wishes on her forthcoming marriage.  To her surprise we held a special assembly. Members of staff dressed  Miss Parry as a 1950s style housewife and shared some great tips with her about being a housewife - 1950s style!! The children certainly realised that a lot has changed since then. It was good fun and we all shared lots of laughter.

The Railway Children Fundraising

  Today we have been visited by Suzanne from the charity Railway Children.  She shared with the children her experiences of working with children in Africa.  She showed us a video and  photographs which gave us all a small insight into the struggle that thousands of children face each day.  One of the most though provoking stories was of Elnest an eleven year old boy who ran away from home because his mum did not have enough food to feed the family.

British Values - Democracy

Today in our assembly I introduced the British Value 'Democracy'.  

In the UK we have a system of government called democracy. The word democracy means 'rule by the people'. It comes from the Greek words Demos, which means people and Kratos which means rule or strength. This is because the idea of democracy developed in Greece in around 507 BC.

A glimpse into Shanghai Maths

This week, Mrs Kuffour and I were invited to go and observe a Maths lesson at Madeley High School.  We were very eager to do this as we always like to know how our former pupils are getting on.  We are always very interested to learn more about secondary school teaching and how we can prepare our pupils for this big change.  However the maths lesson was not an ordinary one.  It was taught in Shanghai style.

New Menus

Please be advised that the menu for school lunches has now changed.  As before it rotates on a 3 week basis.  If you have any questions regarding your child's choice or allergies, please do get in touch.

A copy of the menus can be viewed here

Parent Governor Election

Congratulations to Mrs Cookson who has been elected as the new governor.  I look forward to welcoming her to our governing body and working alongside her.  I know she is very passionate about children's education and will bring  lots of skills and expertise to our governors.

Thank you to the other candidates and also to all the parents who voted.  It was a close ballot and all of the candidates had different areas of expertise to share with our school.

Class 2 Autumn Walk

This morning Class 2 went on an autumn walk around our local area.  In Science we are learning about the seasons and how we can use our senses to observe the changes.


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