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New Books For Our Library

Last term,we held various fundraising activities. There was the family quiz night, disco and messy Christmas evening. We have used these funds to purchase non fiction books for the library. Over the last 2 years we have made considerable investments updating our reading schemes and fiction books, but desperately needed to refresh our non fiction range. This week our purchases have arrived. We have three sets of lovely non fiction books for the children to enjoy. They are now in the library and can be chosen by the children to enjoy at home.

Ice balloons

This term in Science, Class 2 have been investigating everyday materials. We have investigated a range of materials that we use everyday such as: paper, metal, wood, wool, glass and plastic. Today we investigated the differences between ice and water.

We started the lesson looking at 2 balloons. The children noticed that one was filled with water and one was filled with ice. They felt very different, one was heavy and one was so light. We pulled back the balloon.

Anti Bullying

Over the last week we have been reminding children about the important issue of bullying. It is a term commonly used in the media and it is important that the issues stay fresh in all our school community's minds.

Democracy - Theresa May



Theresa  May is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.    There has been lots of changes in our government and parliament recently.  As part of our continued focus on the British Values, I explained to the children (in simple terms) how in July, our country underwent an unprecedented rapid change of leadership.  We expect all our our children to be able to recall who our Prime Minister is.  

School Performance 2016

This week  assessment data has been released which allows us to compare the performance of our children to that of children across the country as a whole. At a school level we appreciate that children are all on a very different journey and are individuals. Whilst many children enjoy seven years here with us, we also welcome lots of children throughout their primary school journey.

Sunflower Competition Winners

It was lovely to hear that many of our families enjoyed the Madeley Fun Day on Saturday.  There were lots of activities to enjoy. 


A few weeks ago before the summer holidays, all the children were provided with a sunflower seed and a small pot. They were invited to enter the competition.


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