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Swimming Gala

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of accompanying our swimming team to the gala event.  This competition was held at Newcastle under Lyme Independent School.

Exceptional Support Staff Award

Congratulations to Mrs B Magee who has been awarded a special award from The Shaw Education Trust for being an "Exceptional Member of the Support Staff”.  Mrs Magee is employed as a higher-level teaching assistant and her varied role allows her to work with each and every child here at The Meadows, during the course of the week.

Special Visitors

This morning, classes one and two were very lucky to have special visitors of the four legged kind.  

Mr Lovatt (one of our parents) and Miss Roper kindly offered to bring along 2 of their lambs from their farm.  We met Rosie and Peach.

They are both 3 weeks old and have been hand reared, as they were each one of triplets. Sheep can only raise two lambs at the same time as they only have two teats.  

Swimming Celebrations

Today in assembly I had the pleasure of awarding every child in class 2 a certificate for their swimming achievements..

Class 2 have been going swimming  at Chesterton High School since January.  We decided to extend our lessons to 45 minutes, rather than the usual 30 minutes, as we are now receiving additional Sports Premium funding from the DfE.

British Values - Fair Trade


                               Image result for british values individual liberty

This week in assembly we looked at The British Value: "Individual Liberty".

It’s easy to buy things without thinking about where they’ve come from. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure what we buy has come from a safe and sustainable source.

World Religion Day - By Amelia and Sky

World Religion Day

On Monday the 22nd of January, Mrs Procter led an assembly about World Religion Day. It is celebrated on the third Sunday in January and is a day where all religions are celebrated to unite people of all faiths and help us all to live in harmony. It shows that all religions have similarities and share important beliefs.

 Mrs Procter reminded us of the different religious symbols:

Christmas Tea Party

Today I had the pleasure of eating cakes with a group of children who deserve a special award for their continued outstanding efforts with home learning tasks.  This is an opportunity to acknowledge that so many of our children have developed excellent learning habits at home.  They not only complete set tasks to a very high standard, but do so with a smile and great pride.

Armistice Day


Today I attended a service at the Madeley Heath monument to pay respects to all the service men and women who have lost their lives in the Great Wars and the conflicts of more recent years.  It was lovely to see so many of our families from The Meadows, who had taken time in their weekend, to join the local community in such a important moment of reflection.

Tea Party with the Headteacher

Today was my first tea party for those children who have shown outstanding motivation in their home learning tasks this half term.  By invitation only, a group of children came along to enjoy delicious cakes, mocktails and a hot chocolate.  We chatted about their routines and what helped them to be so successful with continuing their learning at home.

Academy conversion - a child's guide.

In our assembly today, I explained to the children that we have now converted to an academy within The Shaw Education Trust.  We talked about why we want to be part of a family of schools and work together.  The children asked lots of super questions which demonstrate their level of understanding and interest in their school.


You can see the presentation to the children here.


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