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School Ambassadors

Last week was an exciting week for Y6, as they took part in interviews for different leadership roles within our school including sports and playground leaders, reading experts and behaviour mentors. One of the important roles within our school is that of our Ambassadors. All children exceeded in their interviews and demonstrated such a passion for our school, making the decision very difficult. We were so proud of them all. Ellenor and Adam were the successful candidates and have already begun their new role as ambassadors in our school.

Cl 4 Bikeability September 2021

This month, all pupils in Class 4 have had the opportunity to develop to participate in Bikability. During these sessions, they developed their cycling proficiency and well as their awareness of how to stay safe on the roads. The course was also a great way for pupils to gain confidence in their cycling, become independent cyclists and they were able to reflect on how biking is a great way to develop their physical fitness.  

During their sessions, the children completed one of the following courses:

Level 1 (Year 5)

Pupils learnt to:

40 Day Fitness Challenge Completed


On the 6th April we launched our 40-day fitness challenge with our school community. The aim of the challenge was to promote positive wellbeing and physical fitness; this was part of our recovery from lockdown and the many challenges it posed our wellbeing, including the impact of travel restrictions, the closures of sports clubs and having to spend increasing time in our homes.

Maths Family Learning Workshops

This week, we have held a range of Maths Family Learning workshops across the school. The aims of these workshops have been to help family members:

•To recognise the characteristics of a Mathematician.

•To identify the expectations for their child/children in their learning.

•To understand what the RUCSAC method is and how we use it to help pupils create a strategy to solve problems.

•To have a go at different types of problems with their child.

Class 4 -Thank You


By Annabelle


On behalf of myself, Mrs Magee and Mrs Jones, I would like send a huge thank you for all of the lovely cards and gifts that we have received. We hope that you all have a wonderful, fun-filled and relaxing Christmas and look forward to welcoming you all back in January.

Mrs Kuffour :) 




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