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The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery

As part of our local history study of the Staffordshire Hoard, the children in Class 3 visited The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery. Prior to the visit, the children had explored the website and the information about the hoard. They were very excited to get a more hands on approach, especially when they found out they would get the chance to do some metal detecting! As ever, the children were very well behaved and many members of staff commented on their polite manner.

When we first arrived, the children were rather taken with a large statue...

Reading Explorers

As detailed in this blog, we have been encouraging the children to extend their reading choices. These week's Reading Explorer is Ruby in Class 2 for her excitement towards reading!


Reading explorer.jpg


Science Week - CL3

For our Science Week, the children explored the problem of oil pollution. This has linked nicely to our work on rivers. The children were very engaged (and rightfully outraged) about a problem that has such massive impacts on our environment.

Reading Treasure Hunt - CL3

As a way to reward those children who consistently read more than is expected at home, we reward the children with a treasure hunt! This term we had a lot of children exploring the school for their prizes. There were a series of riddles that they had to get right in order to get to the next stage. The riddles were themed around our recent work on The Spiderwick Chronicles. You may have heard something about a boggart...

Below you can find some photographs from our hunt. The children really seemed to enjoy the hunt!

World Book Day 2018

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful donations for the Dog’s Trust. The Dog’s Trust will be coming into school shortly to run several workshops with the children (from taking care of the dogs to working out just how much a dog can cost during their lifetime)! I know these donations are much appreciated.



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