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YouTube Kids - Parental Controls

YouTube Kids has always been a useful resource to use as it filters out a lot of the inappropriate content that can be found when searching YouTube. However, they are currently improving the service to include more parental controls.

New parental controls

Over the course of the next year, YouTube will be introducing three new parental control options in YouTube Kids:

Computing Club

Today the children were introduced to the website: Mozilla Thimble. This allows children to explore and edit HTML through remixing. We begin with a basic web-page (Keep Calm and Carry On). Below are some of the examples:

Sky, Porsha and Maisie


Alexi, Orpah and Zac

Music Awards

Today in Celebration Assembly, we recognised the hard work of three of our pupils in their extra-curricular activities outside of school. Christi, from Class 3, achieved a Distinction in her ukuele Grade 2 exam as well as a pass mark in her Grade 1 piano examination. Gracie from Class 4 achieved a Distinction in her guitar exam and Megan achieved a Merit. They have put a great deal of work into achieving these results! Well done!

Both the guitar and ukuele tution takes place within school and is provided by Mrs Hollinshead-Bland from Putting Music First.

Iron Man Nature Sculptures - CL3

This afternoon we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather (because who knows how long it will last)! In our English unit this term, we have begun to read the text Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have been very engaged in this text already! We have used the text to inform our art-work this afternoon. We first explored the work on Andy Goldsworthy. A lot of his art-work is very open to interpretation. All of the children could explain what the sculptures looked like to them.

Road Safety - Class 3

Before the end of term, the children in Class 3 took part in several road safety activities to encourage them to make sensible decisions on the road as well as fostering their independence. You will already have heard about the safety walk they took part in and I hope they were excited to share what they had learnt! However, prior to the walk, the children needed to complete a booklet detailing the many areas of road safety. We began our discussion with a KS2 assembly where we watched several vidoes detailing hazards and how to avoid them.


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