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World Book Day 2019

As you may be aware, World Book Day will be taking place on Thursday March 7th this year. World Book Day is a global event that celebrates the love of reading. World Book Day is also a registered charity and their aim is to give every child a book of their own. Due to this, each child will receive a token to use on a book. Some of the titles included in the £1 book offer are:

Safer Internet Day Quiz

As a way to consolidate our learning, we completed a quiz within KS2 centering around consent. The children did a great job reasoning and problem solving with the scenarios. You can see our score below:


pupil voice.png

"If a website asks you for personal information, you should ask an adult if it can be trusted," - Annabelle

Safer Internet Day - CL3

For Safer Internet Day, the children have been discussing the idea of consent. We discussed that consent is the idea of saying yes or no--giving your permission. There were certain things the children knew they had to give consent for and other things they did not (e.g. what time they went to bed). However, there were trickier areas that not all of the children could agree on.

E-Platform Reading

We have introduced a new e-book portal for the children in KS2. So far it has been a great success and many of the children have already used this at home! Below you can see some of the feedback:

pupil voice.png

"I love that you can search for different categories of books. It helps when you don't know what you want to read," - Jess

"I like that there are so many of my favourite authors on it!" - Lucas

Activity Passport - CL3

Below you will find a copy of our Activity Passport that we will be working on from now until July. There are a range of activities to complete. I feel this would be a great opportunity for the children to expand their horizons and understanding of the wider world in fun and creative ways.

Brilliant Books

This term we have introduced Chris Quigley’s ‘Brilliant Books’. The purpose of this scheme is to introduce the children to popular books from around the world. It is also to encourage cognitive challenge at a range of abilities, and to unravel and understand a text in a range of new and different ways. Below you can see examples of the collection of work that has built up in each class. These are available for the children to read during Reading for Pleasure.

Class 2

Academy Visit: Reading

Last week, we had a visit from Berni Pearce, the English Director, from the Shaw Education Trust. She was visiting the school to monitor our English priorities for this term and to reflect on the positive changes that have been put in place since her last visit. As you will be aware, our current priorities within English are to continue to promote Reading for Pleasure, to encourage cognitive challenge across all abilities, and to improve the attainment and enjoyment of reading amongst boys (as in line with the National agenda).

Class 3 Maths Workshop

I would like to say a big thank you to those who attended the Maths Workshop. We had a really good turn out, especially as we are aware that it can be difficult to attend these things in the working week. I would also like to thank the children for sharing their learning with their parents. They were very articulate and showed real progress in their explanations.

200 Books to Read

As you will be aware, we are continuing with our promotion of Reading for Pleasure. With Christmas fast approaching, we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to send out a list of suggested reads for the children in KS2.  In the corridor, you will also find a new display showcasing all the books we think the children should give a go by the time they leave. We feel these books will expand the genres in which the children are reading and introduce them to several classic authors.


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