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Roman Banquet

Today, Class 3 took part in a Roman Banquet. I was so impressed with the research and the cooking that went on to make this day happen. I would like to send a massive thank you home to all parents and carers for putting in so much effort alongside the children. It really was a great experience and allowed the children to consolidate their learning on Roman society. They were definitely full by the end of it! Below you can see a few images from the day as well as some of the home learning.

France 2019

Our early start from Seabridge was a struggle for some children and they were asleep within the first few minutes! Others were far too excited. It was quite a long journey, though, but the children were such stars. As you can see, we still had smiley faces a few hours in!



Reading Challenge!

This week we have launched our first Reading Challenge. This week the challenge is to...

Read by Flashlight!

Feel free to record this in your diaries (or to bring in photographs)!

Internet Legends - Family Activities

You can download an informative guide regarding activities you can do at home to strengthen the work we do in school regarding online safety here. As you will be aware, we use Google's Internet Legend scheme which teaches children to become: Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave in the digital online world. If you have any questions or concerns regarding online safety, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.

Reading Workshop

We had a fantastic turn out to our Reading Workshop yesterday for KS2. I would like to thank everyone who managed to make it because it really was a lovely way to share the children's learning. We explored the benefits of 'Positive Screen Time', how reading a range of texts improves vocabulary, and how technology can be utilised to be a great learning tool (especially for boys). We then had the chance to explore our new e-book reading scheme (E-Platform) together. The children were very tech savvy at this point and were eager to share what they already knew.

World Book Day Competition

A letter has gone home today with details of our World Book Day competition. You can find the information below:


As you may be aware, World Book Day will be taking place on Thursday March 7th this year. To celebrate sharing stories, we are launching a competition to design a Story Jar. These are small jars with parts of a story inside. It can be a story from a well-loved book or even a tv-show.

A Few Inspiring Words...

In after school club today, one child (pictured below) chose to read but said that it wasn't always his favourite thing to do. However, Lucas decided to impart some lovely words of wisdom:

"When I'm reading books and there's something really interesting in them, I feel like I'm in the books. It takes me to different places... You could be anyone in the world, Adam. A footballer! Anyone!"



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