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Letters Home!

I would like to congratulate class 2 for all the wonderful writing that they have done this week. We have been learning about life in the trenches during the First World War and as their writing task this week they have been writing letters home from the trenches. The facts and descriptions that the children have included in their writing were fantastic however but it was the emotion in the letters that truly amazed me. Well done Class 2 I am very proud of you.

World War 1 visit

Today, the children had a special visitor in the form of Corporal Frederick Horsnell (children’s author John Malam in role). The children had the chance to follow Frederick (Fred) from his life as a small boy, to a gardener, all the way to the front line. The children created a chronological recount of Corporal Horsnell's life, in the form of an A3 storyboard, in their own words and pictures. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session with John and some children were even given the opportunity to try on his “very itchy and heavy” uniform jacket.

Great War

Class 2 have all been enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London and are excited to be learning about another significant historical event, the ‘Great War’. We are holding our WW1 themed week this week in school and I am especially looking forward to the children meeting Corporal Frederick Horsnell (children’s author Johan Malam in character).

Busy, busy, busy!

In Class 2 we have all been very busy over the last two weeks getting familiar with our new numeracy resources.

We have been; investigating numbers, creating number lines, adding numbers and working out their place value all using our new Numicon resources. enlightened



Well done!

Well done to all the children for settling into our routines in class 2. You have all been doing an amazing job and I am very proud of you.

Remember that you should now be coming into the classroom on your own ready to begin your early work. smiley

Welcome Back!

I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday and are ready for the new academic year. I am sure that you have all grown considerably over the school holidays and have lots of exciting stories to share. This will be a very exciting term and I am thrilled to be teaching you this year and look forward to all of the new learning we will be doing together.

Manchester Airport

Class 1 and 2 had a super day out at Manchester Airport. We were very lucky and had the opportunity to board several air craft. We were able to dress up as members of airport staff. A favourite outfit for the girls was The Emirates costume. We all loved pretending to direct the aeroplanes to land safely using the air traffic control batons! Our favourite part of the day was when we were able to pretend to fly our friends to Brazil!



Well done year 2 smiley

All of your hard work has paid off.  I am very proud of you all.

Year 1, your turn next week!

Remember extra brain food for breakfast. wink



First Half Term

Hi everyone,

This first half term has gone very quickly and we have enjoyed some interesting activities along the way.  One of these activities included a special assembly to raise awareness of a genetic condition MPS. We learnt how everyone is different and how genetics can affect us. We all got a cake from Emily. Yummy!

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