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Farm to Fork

Today we visited a local Tesco store to take part in one of their Farm to Fork trails.  Farm to Fork is Tesco’s nationwide initiative dedicated to getting children interested in where their food comes from.

Whist we were at the store we took part in a range of activities. To begin with we recorded the different fresh fruit and vegetables that are on sale. We did this by sorting them by their colour.

After this we visited the store bakery to watch the bread being baked and packed. This was very interesting and also made a few tummies rumble.

Exotic Fruit Tasting

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Bowyer from Mellors held an informative exotic fruit tasting session in class 2 this afternoon. The children were shown a range of exotic fruits and provided with information such as where the fruits originate from and their nutritional value.

We also learnt some other interesting facts such as ‘The watermelon can be classed as a fruit or vegetable and China is the world’s largest producer.’

Parent's Phonics Workshop

We would like to thank all of the Reception and Year 1 parents who attended the phonics workshop. We were pleased with the turn out and positive feedback received on the day.

We hope you found it informative and beneficial to your child’s home learning. If you would like any further information or clarification please let us know.

Thank you

Mrs Parry & Mrs Davies 

Phonics Workshop For Parents

On Tuesday 20th January at 2:30pm we will be holding a phonics workshop for Class 1(Reception) and year 1 parents. This workshop will provide information about the technical terminology associated with phonics, how phonics is taught in school and how you can support your child at home. It will also cover details about the statutory phonics screening that all year 1 children will participate in during the summer term. 

Welcome Back

It was so nice to see all of the children back today fresh faced and eager to learn. I have sent the children home with spellings for them to learn ready for Friday.

A new list of spellings will also be sent home on Friday ready for the following week.

The children have all completed a Big Write today and therefore they will not be receiving Big Write homework this week.

I also just wanted to write a note to say thank you for all of the generous Christmas gifts we have been given.

Your thoughtfulness is very kind and touching.


Just a quick note to say good luck tomorrow in your nativity performance. 

I know both classes have worked so hard and are excited about performing in the church. smiley

Fire Fire!

Yesterday we watched our very own Pudding Lane burn. The children were very excited watching the fire and commented on how fast the flames spread due to the wind and position of the houses. Mr Wilmer came into school to make sure that we were safe and that the fire was contained. The children were given the opportunity to ask Mr Wilmer questions about his role as a fire fighter. We also learnt a lot about fire safety! Thank you Mr Wilmer for your time and support with our school project. 


Letters Home!

I would like to congratulate class 2 for all the wonderful writing that they have done this week. We have been learning about life in the trenches during the First World War and as their writing task this week they have been writing letters home from the trenches. The facts and descriptions that the children have included in their writing were fantastic however but it was the emotion in the letters that truly amazed me. Well done Class 2 I am very proud of you.

World War 1 visit

Today, the children had a special visitor in the form of Corporal Frederick Horsnell (children’s author John Malam in role). The children had the chance to follow Frederick (Fred) from his life as a small boy, to a gardener, all the way to the front line. The children created a chronological recount of Corporal Horsnell's life, in the form of an A3 storyboard, in their own words and pictures. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session with John and some children were even given the opportunity to try on his “very itchy and heavy” uniform jacket.

Great War

Class 2 have all been enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London and are excited to be learning about another significant historical event, the ‘Great War’. We are holding our WW1 themed week this week in school and I am especially looking forward to the children meeting Corporal Frederick Horsnell (children’s author Johan Malam in character).


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