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Historical school days

As part of our topic about the local area, Mr Deeming an ex-school pupil came to visit us. He told us all about how The Meadows used to look and how the school has changed. Some of the facts we learnt included how different the playground used to be with tarmac and no Trim Trail or quiet area. There was a small garden instead that the pupils used to look after. We were also surprised to hear how classrooms used to have coal fires in them.

British Values

This week, we have been learning about children's rights in PSHE. We have been looking at inspirational quotes and artwork about freedoms around the world. We have thought about freedom to be yourself, freedom to have a home and feel safe, freedom to have your own ideas and freedom to learn. We have developed ideas and produced our own original artwork based on freedom. This will be displayed in school for the children to reflect upon and visitors to enjoy.

Gingerbread maths

Class 1 and 2 completed their latest Meadows Monthly Maths Challenge on Wednesday 14 December when we investigated gingerbread maths questions.


We discuss possible investigations and came up with the following ideas:

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

Class 1 and Class 2 had a fantastic day out at The Ice Cream Farm on Friday 9th December. When we got there we were greeted by the elves, who showed us a short film about Santa. Then we went into our workshops to do our elf training! We had to make toys then sort them and send them down special chutes for each country. We sent presents to Spain, France, Sweden, America and Australia! Also we raced reindeer and made a special elf medal.We all received a certificate as we are now all certified elves! 

Beans galore!

In Class 2 this week we completed our baked beans maths challenge! In small groups, we each chose our own area to investigate and planned how we would do this. 

The maths challenges that we investigated include:

Brilliant bread making!

Class 2 had a great time making and, of course, testing our own bread designs this week as part of our design and technology project. We learnt how to make dough, including how to make it rise really well, use measuring equipment and other equipment safely. Every one added their own own ingredients to make either a sweet or savoury bread. There were lots of different interesting combinations! Finally we shaped our bread into our own designs. Have a look below at our finished products:

Hoo Farm

We all enjoyed our trip to Hoo Farm. The children were fantastic. They were a credit to us here at The Meadows and to you as parents. We all stroked a baby goat and then went for a walk through the enchanted forest. The we all collected a fresh egg from the chickens. Later were were all introduced to a boa constrictor and invited to stroke her! The children loved trying new things! We then enjoyed a picnic lunch and were treated to an ice cream. There was even time to play on the adventure playground before returning on the coach.

Englesea Brook

Class 2 went on a trip to Englesea Brook Chapel and museum as part of our history topic on the Victorians. We learnt all about what life was like for children at a Victorian school. By the end of the trip, we all decided that we are glad we weren't Victorians!



We all got to dress up in Victorian costumes and even had a Victorian name.

Englesea Brook - A letter from the Education Officer

Below is an email sent from the Education Officer at Englesea Brook. It really does highlight the fantastic attitude and learning behaviour of Class 2. Well done! A blog from the trip will be posted shortly.

Dear Mrs Procter,


What a joy it was to welcome you, your children and staff  to the museum on Wednesday.

The children were extremely well behaved and quite delightful; we did enjoy sharing our fun and learning with them.



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