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Slippery shoes!

In Science Club this week we investigated which type of shoes are the least slippery. Each group tested a different surface (wooden, plastic and carpet) and six different types of shoes. We placed shoes on ramps and measured how many books it took to prop up the ramp before the shoe slid.

Science Club

Today in Science Club we were plant detectives. We had noticed that sometimes plants grow in unusual places such as driveways, walls, roofs and even in house bricks and decided to find out why this might be. We realised that plants will grow anywhere where they can find a bit of soil or in cracks they can grow between. We were able to predict how we think the plants got there.


Ellenor - "I think that seeds can spread from nearby gardens."

Science Competition - Problem Plastics

Across the school, children from all classes have been busy up-cycling plastic bottles! Following our Science Week, where we looked at the problems that plastic is currently causing in the environment, a competition was set which encouraged children to think of alternative uses for these problem plastics. The aim of the competition was to continue to raise awareness of recycling and to raise some money towards new science resources for the school, as well as having fun and designing an exciting product with a new use.

Stoke Football 'City 7s'

Stoke City Football Club came into school today to talk to us about the team and some of the events that the club do. They told us that the last match of the season will be a big party event  and were offering tickets for just £5 to children at The Meadows. Pottermous (their team mascot) will be there to cheer them on too! Children in Year 2 were offered the opportunity to join their City 7s Club and were all very lucky to be given a goody bag with a home shirt, two free match tickets and a Stoke City bag. We very very excited and lots of us were keen to wear our new shirts!

British Science Week

Last week was British Science Week (9 - 18 March), which is a national celebration of Scientific contributions and achievements. In Classes 1 and 2, we were scientists investigating the effects of plastic pollution through scientific enquiry. We thought about how we can help protect the environment by finding out about:

Reading treat.

Each term we are running a competition in Class 2 to see which team could read the most books. The children were awarded 'gems' if they were able to read more than 3 times a week outside of school. If they also wrote a comment about one of their books, such as their favourite part, about a character, why they liked the book or what it was about they got even more gems! Children have been working hard in groups called Illustrators, Publishers and Authors. 

How to stay safe with the NSPCC

On Monday Classes 1 and 2 had some special visitors called Steph and Liz who came in from the NSPCC to teach us about being safe. They taught us about people's rights and what might not be okay and make us feel sad such as not having food and drink, hitting, bullying and cyber bullying.

We talked about who we can tell if we are upset, which include teachers, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, older siblings or any other adults we trust.

We found out about ChildLine and the number you can call if you are worried, which is 0800 11 11.

Teeth check-up!

Last week in Class 2 we had a visit from a local Dental Nurse who was able to help us to keep our teeth nice and healthy as part of our science learning about taking care of ourselves and our amazing bodies. Children know the importance for good health of physical exercise and a healthy diet, and can talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.

Science walk in the woods

Classes 1 and 2 went for a ‘Science’ walk in the local woods on Thursday 30th March to make close observations of the different plants and animals we could see.

As scientists, we were able to:

·         Develop our observational skills using magnifiers


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