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CPA Workshop Class 2

Class 2 had an enjoyable maths morning today where the children had opportunity to share with their parents some of the different practical resources they use in their maths lessons and different ways that numbers and calculations can be represented. Thank you very much to parents for taking part in the session. I know the children really enjoyed working with you and sharing their learning.

Class Two at Chester Zoo

Last week when we went to Chester Zoo we had an amazing day looking at all of the animals. We were very lucky to have a workshop with one of the zoo keepers who was able to tell us all about lots of the animals in the zoo and gave us chance to ask questions.

Class 1 & 2 Animal madness!

Today on Classes 1 and 2 we have had a super day. First, we had a visit from 'The Animal Man' who brought lots of interesting animals with him for us to look at. We were using our science skills when we learnt about different types of animals and classifying them as:

Class 2 Transition Morning

Yesterday in Class 2 we had our Transition Morning when we moved into our new classes for September so they knew what their new class would be like. We began the morning with discussing what the children thought it would be like in the next year group, anything they were looking forward to or any worries they had. They all had opportunity to ask questions of which there were many!

The Useless Umbrella!

Today in Science club, we have investigated what is the best material to fix your umbrella if it is has holes in it. We discussed what a material it is made from and how umbrellas work. We knew that the material had to be waterproof and that the shape of an umbrella is also important to allow water to run off it and take it away from you. Then, we decided how we would carry out the experiment and how we would make it a fair test. The only thing we changed was the type of material we were testing but we would be dripping the same amount of water onto each material using a pipette.

Slippery shoes!

In Science Club this week we investigated which type of shoes are the least slippery. Each group tested a different surface (wooden, plastic and carpet) and six different types of shoes. We placed shoes on ramps and measured how many books it took to prop up the ramp before the shoe slid.

Science Club

Today in Science Club we were plant detectives. We had noticed that sometimes plants grow in unusual places such as driveways, walls, roofs and even in house bricks and decided to find out why this might be. We realised that plants will grow anywhere where they can find a bit of soil or in cracks they can grow between. We were able to predict how we think the plants got there.


Ellenor - "I think that seeds can spread from nearby gardens."


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