On Thursday we showed respect for the bravery of soldiers in the war by making poppies in lots of different ways. We also watched a short animation about a rabbit family who hid during the war and enjoyed a beautiful Summer playing in the poppy fields.





Happy Diwali

Hello everybody,

We have been learning about the Hindu festival of light Diwali this week. The children have loved listening to the story of Rama and Sita and have illustrated the story with pictures of the characters. We have read and written some of the key words and been creating our own diva lamps and Rangoli patterns. This is part of our curriculum - Understanding the World.

'Imagine' - One of our Secrets of Success

Our Behaviour mentors (Ben, Freya and Alice), have been appointed to promoted positive learning behaviours across the school. Their role involves encouraging others to be successful - both personally and academically. At the Meadows, we want our children to embody our 'Secrets of Success' in order to do this. We want them to: work hard, improve, concentrate, push themselves, understand others, not give up, try new things,  imagine, compete and stay safe.


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