Zumos Games Blog by Poppy G

Pupil Voice | St Bridget's Primary and Early Years Class

On Zumos, there are lots of different resources you can use to explore and express your feelings. This week, I have been looking at the different games you can play.

It is very fun to play different games that link to your feelings and to help you with your mental well-being. There are several different games on Zumos including: Gridler, Pip Hop and the Power Quiz. They are these are all based of various different things to do with exploring emotions people feel.

One of the games that I enjoy playing is 'Face Chase'. This game is good  to play because you can see how different people show their emotions through different expressions.

Research shows that if you play these games for ten minutes at a time, they really help you understand emotions people feel - something which is really important for having a positive mental wellbeing.

Why not try out this game today?

By Poppy G