Y6 Meeting with Miss Holmes (Head of Year from Madeley School)

tranisition meeting mhs.png

This morning, the Y6 has the opportunity to meet their new head of year from Madeley High School, Miss Holmes. Accompanied by three former pupils from the Meadows, Miss Holmes came to talk to the children about what to expect next year at High school and how they can prepare for the transition.

During the session, the pupils were informed about the daily timetable, which consists of four lessons in the morning (with a 20 minute break), lunch and then one further lesson in the afternoon.  

Miss Holmes also discussed the importance of excellent behaviour and introduced the children to the Class Charts behaviour and points system which tracks achievements and behaviour throughout the day.

The year 6 children were particularly excited to know that Madeley High school also deliver many different extra-curricular clubs such as: drama, reading club, badminton to name just a few. 

The children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and are excited for their two day transition in July.

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