WW1 Poetry Competition Cl4


At the beginning of this term, Class 4 have explored life during WW1.  As part of our topic, the children had the opportunity to read and analyse poetry written during WW1 and then in turn compose their own poetry in pairs. The poems were fantastic - many showed create flair and originality as well as encapsulated what life may have been like for soldiers and civilians during the war.

All poems were then entered into a local competition run by Madeley Parish Council and two winners from our school were selected.

Huge congratulations go out to Carys and Iona who won with their poem 'The Pilot'.

All poems can be viewed on our class display along the corridors of the school.

Well done children!

Mrs Kuffour

The Pilot

As I enter the skies,

The sun is to rise,

And I struggle to open my eyes.


The engine roars,

This could be the cause,

Of the bodies that lay so bored.


I feel a chill,

And start to kill,

The man that now lies still.


What have I done?

This is not fun,

Self-hatred has begun.

By Carys and Iona