World Book Day 2018

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful donations for the Dog’s Trust. The Dog’s Trust will be coming into school shortly to run several workshops with the children (from taking care of the dogs to working out just how much a dog can cost during their lifetime)! I know these donations are much appreciated.


As you will know, we have been exploring the notion of ‘Reading for Pleasure’ with the children this year. They have really excelled in this area and we have seen very positive changes in reading behaviours for many of the children. They are pushing themselves to choose new texts and are producing thoughtful, articulate responses in their diaries each week to reflect on their reading. World Book Day is a way for the children to really delve into their passion for reading! Below are a few images of those who came in costume.

IMG_20180302_115150.jpg IMG_20180302_115126.jpg

In Class 1 and 2, the children read Handa's’s Surprise. They had the chance to explore what they knew about Africa through this text. They had a visit from a Secret Reader (more information below). In the afternoon they also wrote about their favourite books. Mrs Davies commented that all of the children were very confident in naming a range of authors, too!

In Class 3, the children watched the World Book Day show as it had two authors in which they have been studying (Cressida Cowell and Chris Riddell). They were very vocal about the authors they thought presented well (and those that did not)! It is clear that they are really beginning to develop an understanding of what books they like and dislike, which we feel is very positive. After this activity, we set the children the task of trying to name a character from a book for every letter of the alphabet… This proved quite difficult for ‘X’ but we managed to get ‘X-Men’! Each child then created an alphabet tile based on their character and these will be displayed in the library.

In Class 4, the children focused on the text ‘Wonder’. The children have been reading this outside of their English sessions. They looked at the theme of kindness, especially how the characters showed kindness towards Uggie. Following this, they looked at little acts of kindness that could be applied in their daily life. To conclude, they explored the song ‘We are Full of Wonder’. The theme of the song is about remember what is good about yourselves, as well as the need to pass on kindness to others.

Secret Readers

Alice and Isaac’s Uncle AJ came into share his favourite books from when he was little. He read the first chapter to the children and let us keep the book to finish a class!

In Class 3, Mr Bradshaw came in to talk about his favourite books from childhood (as well as a few of his current favourites). He stressed the importance of reading throughout the curriculum and showed the children a range of different texts (from Biology textbooks to guitar manuals). He also read a book from South Africa!

If you would be interested in becoming a Secret Reader, please contact Mrs Edwards.


pupil voice.png

“I liked the Mr. Men books best. My favourite is Mr Bump because when he falls over it makes me laugh. Sometimes, I’m like Mr Bump!” Alistair (CL 2)

“I love to read The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. I like to watch the stories I have read on TV, too!” Isabel (CL 2)

“My favourite book is My Little Pony because it is about ponies and I love them!” Angel (CL 2)

“Cressida Cowell’s new book is similar to How To Train Your Dragon! They both have warring tribes in them,” – Annabelle (CL3)

“The author (Andy Stanton) was very funny… and a bit odd,” – Maisie (CL3)

“I really want to read The Bolds by Julian Clary,” – Jessica (CL3)

 “I liked World Book Day because we all got to decorate a letter of the alphabet with a character. I also liked how Emily’s dad came to talk about reading and why reading at home is important for our learning,” – Christi

“I liked World Book Day here at school because it helped me think about the importance of kindness and how people who are insecure about themselves feel. My favourite part of the day was when we did a poem about kindness because we had to apply a lot of thought and imagination. I bet everyone in Class 4 now has a better understanding of what kindness is and how we can use this,” – Porsha (CL4)

“I really enjoyed the day because we got to write poems and work with friends. If I had the choice, I would definitely do it again.  It was also a day where I could share my love for books with everyone and share the importance of them. We also looked in depth at the meaning of kindness,” – Sky (CL4)