World Book Day

For World Book Day we all dresssed up as characters, taking inspiration from myths and legends. There was a wide variety of super costumes to be seen, including knights, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, plus many more interesting ideas!

In Classes 1 and 2, we particularly focused on dragons. We learnt what myths and legends are and the difference between these and other fictional stories. Then we watched an exciting animation called 'The Dragon Slayer'. This had quite an unusual twist in the tale!

The children wrote some excellent descriptions of dragons as they are typically portrayed and wrote their own piece of 'dragon inspired' imaginative writing.

All of the children enjoyed the day. Thomas in class 1 said "I really enjoyed dressing up as Peter Pan," and in Class 2 Elizabeth told me "I loved being able to dress up and then writing what ever I wanted about a dragon!"

Have a look at our amazing costumes below: