Winter Science


In our science, we have been learning about The "Changing World" around us. We are learning about the seasons of the year and the changes that we see, hear and feel. We have been learning about Winter. We have been using a thermometer to measure the outside temperature each day. We have dressed characters appropriately for the  weather and talked about activities that we enjoy in the Winter weather. We have even had the glitter out again to create our own snowy, frost pictures in Art. In our writing and phonics activities we have written Winter words and sentences. We have read a variety of fiction and non fiction texts about Winter too. We will continue to learn about snow and ice next week as we are going to explore and investigate freezing and melting materials. We are also looking at the similarities and differences in the weather and climate in different countries around the world. 

The children were overjoyed to see the snow on Tuesday, so of course we went outside for some snowy fun. We made foot prints in the snow and followed trails.






"We used the thermometer to see how cold it was." - Freddie

"You need to wear gloves, hat, a scarf, warm clothes, your coat and boots in the snow." - Aisha-Mae

"The snow was crunchy when you walk in it!" - Harvey

"I made a shiny snowflake for Winter." - Jean