Wild Camping Y6 May 2019

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Before half term, the Y6 pupils had the exciting opportunity to participate in a two-day wilderness camping experience. We visited The Wilderness Academy at Consall Scout Camp.

It was a great opportunity for the children to immerse themselves in nature, camp in the woods, learn new skills and take part in a range of exciting activities with their friends.

The programme was designed to focus on personal development including: life skills, decision making, communication and team work. It was also a wonderful opportunity for them to push themselves out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Some of the activities the pupils had the opportunity to participate in included:

  • Setting up camp and building the bell tents
  • Building shelters
  • Lighting fires
  • Enjoying a campfire singalong and a talent show
  • Learning navigational skills and trekking through the forest using a map
  • Cooking campfire food such as bread
  • Learning about and abiding by the Countryside Code
  • Learning wilderness first aid


The camp proved to be a real success! The weather was beautiful and the children had a brilliant time (and even the sleep deprived Mrs Kuffour and Mrs Magee did too). During the two days, the children showed a real kindness towards each other and towards the environment. They were so respectful and thoughtful and thoroughly embraced every opportunity they were given. 

Here are a few example of what they got up to during the two days:



Our site and bell tents. 



Playing Man Hunt in the woods around our camp site. 



Jake did really well hiding! He blended into the environment brilliantly and won as a result.



An interesting way to hide Archie and Scarlett!


Fire lighting was very fun but rather challenging.



We enjoyed making bread to toast over the campfire. 



You can't have a campfire without the opportunity to toast marshmellows! Yummy.