Welcome back - Class 2

We have had a great first day back today and have been involved in playing some games to learn new things about our new class mates and thinking about what our aims for the year ahead might be. We all thought about a secret of success (linked to the Dojos) that we would particularly like to work on to help us throughout the year and demonstrated aiming for this target in a practical way. We all had water balloons and had to 'aim' ours at the Dojo we had chosen to help us remember our goals as well as having lots of fun. It was a lot harder than it first seemed!


This afternoon, we found out that in our history work we are going to be learning about how and why travel and transport has changed over time and thought about some interesting questions we would like to find the answers to. We then had a go at creating our own 'air-powered' cars making choices about the size of the cab, the number and placement of wheels and how much air we needed in our balloon. Of course, we then had to have a race and learnt about what worked well and what didn't work as well. Here are some of our designs: