Viking Day - Class 3

Last week, the children were introduced to the world of Vikings and Dragons! We began our first day back with a Viking themed day, which links nicely to our English lessons where we will be reading the text, How to Train Your Dragon. We began the day with a range of different activities, from making jewellery to designing their own parchment.

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They also had the chance to create their own dragon eggs! The creativity and design on such a small object really amazed us in the class. We will be using these to create a lovely nest of dragon’s eggs to inform our writing in English.


At the end of the day, we used Viking runes to create secret messages about our selves!

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I would also like to thank you for your support in creating such wonderful pieces of learning based on the Vikings!

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I would like to say well done to the children this week. The Year 4s have come back with a mature and positive attitude, and they have been very helpful with the children in Year 3. The routines are very new to those children moving into KS2, but the children have settled well into these. If you have any questions regarding the routines, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Edwards.

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"I really enjoyed making the different pieces of jewellery!" - Codie

"The parchment was my favourite!" - Kiri

"It was a fun way to start back in Class 3. My favourite bits were the runes." - Jake