Train Safety - CL3 and CL4

Yesterday, Class 3 and 4 received a visit from Network Rail and the British Transport Police. With the railway being so close to us, we felt the children needed to be made more aware of the dangers. The children were very engaged with the discussion and knew that they should play near railway tracks. They learnt about the dangers (from the electricity wires to the fast speed of the trains). Some of the facts were astounding! For instance, a standard train weighs the same as 80 elephants! It also takes the distance of 25 football pitches for a high speed train to stop!

The final message was simple: there is no reason to go near the railway tracks. Below you can see a few photos from the discussion as well as Pupil Voice.


IMG_20181105_142602.jpg IMG_20181105_143110.jpg


pupil voice.png

"I found out that trains can go up to 125mph and that there is a lot of electricity running through the power cables" - Ben

"I found out that it was actually more dangerous than I thought. I did find it interesting to learn about the railways and the jobs you could do" - Cameron

"The train visitors were very interesting and I enjoyed their quiz, They told us how high electricity can jump and at what speed the trains go. Did you know that trains are as heavy as 80 elephants?!" - Jessica

"I learnt that it's not safe on or by the railway tracks because if you are on the track and a train is coming it takes a long time for it to slow down," - Dylan