Swimming Gala

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of accompanying our swimming team to the gala event.  This competition was held at Newcastle under Lyme Independent School.

Most of our team had never swum competitively before, so certainly had to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new. The competition was very strong with outstanding performances from some very talented swimmers indeed. In fact, two long standing records were broken, due to the speed of some of the children. Our children were particularly impressed with their ability to dive from the starting blocks, which of course gave considerable advantage.

Whilst we did not win overall, two of our children were awarded medals for the individual events in backstroke and breaststroke.  Congratulations Gracie and Jake. 

The last event was new this year. The surfboard relay involved a team of 3 children each paddling the length of the pool. Technique and head control was very important.  Jake manged to call upon his surfing skills, gained whilst living in Australia, to make a dramatic come back in the  last  length - only missing first place by the closest of margins.

It was a wonderful atmosphere of healthy competition. Whilst there was a desire to win from all the children, everyone cheered for the other schools and supported each other. 

Finally I would like to thank Mr Carl Inskip (School Games Organiser) for organising the event and for being so encouraging to all the children, regardless of their abilities.



Gracie: " I really enjoyed it because it was a good challenge and to watch others race."

Immy: "I liked how we all supported each other and worked as a team."

Jake: "I liked the challenge and I got to race against my mum's school."