Swimming Celebrations

Today in assembly I had the pleasure of awarding every child in class 2 a certificate for their swimming achievements..

Class 2 have been going swimming  at Chesterton High School since January.  We decided to extend our lessons to 45 minutes, rather than the usual 30 minutes, as we are now receiving additional Sports Premium funding from the DfE.

The longer lessons do mean that the children are actively swimming for a far greater period of time and I have certainly seen their stamina develop.  The children know that swimming is physically hard work and it does make you  breathless and thirsty, just the same as other forms of vigorous exercise. They understand this means their hearts are working harder, which is good for their bodies. 

We have a wide range of swimming abilities, as whilst some of our pupils are very inexperienced in the water, others have attended private lessons for considerable time. However regardless of their starting points, each and every child has made good progress this term.. We are able to split the class into 3 small groups and focus on skills according to ability and levels of confidence.  Our certificates today ranged from level 1 all the way up to level 6!.  Some children are to be congratulated for developing their confidence to put their faces in the water and develop the foundations of strokes, others have been developing their strength so they can maintain controlled strokes for a full length without using any swimming aids at all. They have been really focusing on controlling their breathing and being able to sit on the bottom of the pool.

It really has been a joy to take the children each week and see them outside of the classroom environment. They have earned lots of dojo points, especially for the "To Compete" secret of success. This is not about winning a race, but about each child setting themselves their own goals to judge themselves against. 

Class 2 will be recommencing their swimming lessons on Thursday 26th April for the duration of the summer term.



"I like being able to practise the skills which I learn in my swimming lessons after school. Max

"I like how we can swim full lengths. It keeps you fit as we get out of breadth." Ellenor

"I liked the play session this week because I tried picking up hoops from the bottom of the pool." Nicole

"I have learnt how to swim on my back from the deep end to the shallow end. I had to push myself and not be scared that I was in deep water." Ben